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I’ll likely be away from the blog a bit

Friday, August 30th, 2002 | Life in Czeltistan | Comments Off

I’ll likely be away from the computer all weekend, so no entries until 9/2. Many exciting things afoot this weekend — well, “many” in the sense of “one,” really. The Apple Store at Mayfair is opening. (Gosh, but that little mall has been good to me — first the ice rink when I was a kid and now this. It’s only too bad it’s all the way on the other side of town.) You’re damn right I’ll be there first thing Saturday morning. Yessir. Otherwise, this weekend will be all about kickin’ back, maybe a little firin’ up of the old Weber. Ahhh. Three days of nothing.

Have a good one, yo.

Where’s my cake?

Thursday, August 29th, 2002 | Bloggity goodness | Comments Off

I just realized that this Saturday (8/31) will be the first anniversary of me joining MetaFilter. Hmm. I see that I really should participate more. Maybe that should be my New MeFi Year’s resolution.

No relation, and no, I don’t know Elvis

Thursday, August 29th, 2002 | Bloggity goodness | Comments Off

Just noticed this site came up in the results of a search for “Anne Margret pix.” Took me a minute to figure out when the hell I would have posted my middle name on here, but then I realized it was misspelled and someone must have been looking for “Ann Margret” stuff. Dammit. Figured that would come bite me in the ass one day.

Who doesn’t love mail?

Thursday, August 29th, 2002 | Fun With Teh Intarweb | Comments Off

I have completely fallen in love with the concept of the postcardX site. Those of you who know me well know I absolutely love to get non-bill mail and I have a bit of an obsession with postcards. This site is so fabulous — you get some stranger’s address and send them a postcard/card/trinket/etc. If you add your address to the site, some stranger may reciprocate. Fun little surprises gracing your mailbox. How can you not love that?

I went through my postcard stash last night to see if there were any cool ones I could send out. I found a few I had duplicates of that I could use. But now I’m torn — do I send postcards or trinkets? I’m thinking I may send out some Shrinky Dinks or Window Art or some other fun little things.

Out of curiosity, I did a search on the site for Milwaukee addresses. Someone living in my old building is on the list, as is someone just around the corner from my new place. (Actually, there are quite a few East Siders on the site. Somehow, this doesn’t surprise me.)


Tuesday, August 27th, 2002 | Bloggity goodness | Comments Off

This just makes me smile and say “awwww.” Big hug for the happy couple.

A Good Weekend

Monday, August 26th, 2002 | Life in Czeltistan | Comments Off

Got reacquainted with my couch and my TV this weekend, which was nice. It was one of those weekends with just the right amount of relaxing, miscellaneous household stuff and fun. Felt good after many weekends of running around.

Went to see Alejandro Escovedo on Saturday night at Gil Fest. He put on a great show, as usual. I’ve missed him the last two years he’s played here. Seems like I’m always out of town that weekend. Big round of applause to the folks at Gil’s for bringing him back year after year. Tiny little place, but they’ve got great taste in food and music.

The weekend’s other big musical coup was stumbling across Stiff Little Fingers’ double CD, All the Best at Best Buy. Yay! Didn’t even know there was a “best of” and now I own it. Life is good. Also found a cheap Candy Apple Grey Husker Du disk, so I’m well on my way to having shiny, portable little versions of all my favorite vinyl. (Yes, yes. I’m old. I have lots of vinyl.)

Only 358 Days to Irish Fest

Thursday, August 22nd, 2002 | Life in Czeltistan | Comments Off

So another Irish Fest has come and gone. Time to rest up for the next one. As always, much fun was had this year (usually well into the wee hours of the morning). WAAAAAY too much money was spent on food (ok — who brought the Lucozade and Smokey Bacon Taytos? Dammit. There goes my paycheck) and beer, but I was actually really restrained in my buying this year. No new jewelry, no new clothes. Yay, me!

Saw many old friends and met some new ones. Chief among the new friends are the guys in North Cregg from Cork. (Aside to the band: You guys need some new pix on your website. If anything we took Saturday night turns out, I’ll get the pictures to you. I think one or two of the photos have our little police friends in them.) Fabulous, talented band and a fun, intelligent bunch of people to hang out with. I hope to see them again next year at the Fest and then (hopefully) again when I head back to Ireland.

I look forward to this festival all year long, despite the fact that it is one of the periods of the year when I get the least sleep, have the worst hangovers, see the sun rise before bed a couple of times, burn several vacation days from work and just generally end up stiff from standing for three days straight. It helps that my bosses for the Fest and the people I work with for the three days I’m working are great people and are tons of fun to work with. We have an awfully good time.

Now can we bring back the Automat?

Thursday, August 22nd, 2002 | Design-y Bits | Comments Off

While I was catching up on my MeFi reading, I ran across this link to the Art-o-Mat site. How incredibly brilliant!! I wish we had one here in Milwaukee. (If anyone who has any pull over at the Hi-Hat Garage is reading… hint.) Looks like a couple of Brits have gotten into the act as well, but using condom machines. And, as I found out from a coworker, it seems there are more-literary vending machines at a couple of tube stops in London. Now if only someone would bring back the Automat (great photo here).

Bah! I’m a terrible blogger

Wednesday, August 21st, 2002 | Bloggity goodness | Comments Off

Bah! I’m a terrible blog mommy. But now that Irish Fest is over and I think I’ve gotten a handle on my client work, I should get back to posting again soon.

Want to know the popularity

Thursday, August 15th, 2002 | Fun With Teh Intarweb | Comments Off

Want to know the popularity of your name over the course of the 20th Century? Check this out — the Baby Name-O-Meter. You can also get a history of your name while you’re there. Here’s mine:

ANN, ANNE. Originally, Ann was the British form of this name and Anne the French one, but that distinction was muddied as long as five hundred years ago and now which spelling you use is simply a matter of taste. The versions have switched places many times in the fashion parade: In 1900, there were ten times as many Anns as Annes, but after Princess Anne was born in 1950 that proportion flipflopped so that now Anne is the widely preferred spelling. The heroine of Anne of Green Gables pronounced the Ann spelling “dreadful” and said the e made the name more distinguished, a feeling most people today share. But the spelling argument is largely academic these days because not many parents are choosing either Ann or Anne for their daughters. Where once the name was seen as elegant in its simplicity, today it�s viewed by many as plain and drab, with parents instead favoring the diminutive Annie or the fuller Anna over the one-syllable form. It no longer even has stature as a middle name, with parents rejecting harmonious “bridge” names like Ann and Lee in favor of middle names with more personal meaning. The Spanish diminutive ANITA and the French ANNETTE (which will always conjure up The Mickey Mouse Club and beach-blanket movies to some boomers) � both popular at one time � now join the Annes as style outcasts.

“Style outcasts”? Hmmpff. But I will agree with the “e” spelling being the more-distinguished.
Link graciously borrowed from Space Waitress.


Monday, August 12th, 2002 | General, Life in Czeltistan | Comments Off

Ok, so Paul doesn’t exactly look like he’s having the best of times in this shot. We’ll chalk it up to a bad photo taken after a very long night. He was much more awake and far more animated in person. Can’t blame him for being tired, though. He worked his ass off at that show and still took the time to meet’n'greet all the fans waiting outside his bus.

Suffice it to say the Paul Westerberg show was absolutely amazing. The reviews here seem to do it justice, so I’ll just let you peruse those. (Plus there’s a link on that page to Ana’s fine photos from the event. Ignore the one she’s got of me & Christyl. Apparently the camera added everyone’s 10 pounds to me.) My other shots from the show can be found here. Password is “paul” (once again, cryptic).

A little over 24 hours

Friday, August 9th, 2002 | Life in Czeltistan | Comments Off

A little over 24 hours to go until Christyl & I head off to Madison for the Paul Westerberg show at the Barrymore. To say that I can’t hardly wait for this show is a gross understatement. Part of me wishes I could will time forward to tomorrow night, but I already know how I’m going to feel as the show starts. It’s the same way I feel when I begin reading the most-current Douglas Coupland book — I’m excited because it’s something new by a favorite of mine, but I’m terribly depressed because what if this is the last something new by that person? (Yes, yes. I’m a freak. But I’m ok with that.)

Sounds like Paul’s shows have been excellent up to this point. Paul’s Page is chock full o’ reviews, photos and news, which is a great sign. It’s been far too quiet around the Paul Westerberg camp these last few years.

Whoa. I’ve been blogged about.

Friday, August 9th, 2002 | Bloggity goodness | Comments Off

Whoa. I’ve been blogged about. That’s a first. (Does this make me a bigger geek? Don’t answer that.)

Finally. Foreign language phrases I

Thursday, August 8th, 2002 | Fun With Teh Intarweb | Comments Off

Finally. Foreign language phrases I can use.

La police, ne t’a pas encore trouv�?
Haven’t the police found you yet?

Das ist das dritte mal diese Woche, dass einer der Patienten spontane Selbstenz�ndung erlitt.
That is the third time this week that one of the patients has spontaneously combusted.

Some of the “humorous” phrases aren’t exactly humorous, but some are quite good.

The day’s off to a

Wednesday, August 7th, 2002 | Life in Czeltistan | Comments Off

The day’s off to a good start — I’m wearin’ my new Chucks (courtesy of my brother n’ sister-in-law). First pair of black Chucks I’ve had since high school.

I’ve had a bunch o’ different colors of these fine shoes in my lifetime, but none will ever compare to my beloved plaid wool ones. Those only get to come out for special occasions these days.

Hmm. A conundrum. Which do I wear to the Paul Westerberg show this Saturday — the new black ones or the plaid ones? Decisions, decisions…

Another special treat for today:

Tuesday, August 6th, 2002 | Life in Czeltistan | Comments Off

Another special treat for today: a picture of the fur nuggets. These are the little beasties who control my life. That’s Cliff on the left and Norm on the right, with her little paw resting on her big belly. The TV remote is just behind her on the couch. I found them that way when I came home from work. Makes me wonder what they get up to all day.


Tuesday, August 6th, 2002 | Life in Czeltistan | Comments Off

Today I have a special treat for you, boys and girls. It’s a little story about my crazy downstairs neighbor, Tony.

First, some background: Tony’s in his late-60s. He was born in Yugoslavia. According to him, when he was around 9, he had to flee because the army was conscripting pretty much any able-bodied male who was old enough to hold a rifle to fight in the war. He’s a little vague on what happened after that, but he eventually wound up in Italy for a few years and then came to America as a teenager. I have no idea how he’s managed to survive this long, as he seems to have no discernable trade (other than rooting through people’s garbage for things to have at his frequent front-lawn rummage sales), he smokes like a chimney (complete with lung-rattling cough), constantly has a beer in his hand, and is quite obviously insane. He frequently tells me little stories, such as how the squirrels and the robins speak to him, how my cats speak English when I’m not at home, and how he’s seen UFOs near the apartment. (During that last story, he kept pointing at streetlights up on the next block as examples and then later pointed at a passing plane.) He’s loads of fun that way.

So. My story.

About a year ago, I decided I’d get cable, since my TV reception pretty much sucks. After several visits from the cable company (why do they continually insist on sending people who don’t bring the correct equipment?), I finally got a guy who was all set to hook me up. I was psyched. It would be just in time for hockey season.

So the cable guy goes outside and does his hookup stuff, then comes back in to set me up. Hmm. Line’s not working. Guy goes back downstairs and checks it again. Works fine. In fact, it works fine all the way right up until the part where it has to take the little jog through Tony’s apartment to get to mine. Cable guy tells me something is wrong with the line somewhere between Tony’s wall and my apartment. Foolishly, we knock on the door and ask Tony if we can take a look.

Tony comes out and begins ranting about how the cable guy doesn’t know how to do his job, there’s no cable in his apartment (even though we show him the cable and where it enters his wall) and starts screaming at the guy to get out of our building. After about 15 minutes of this, the cable guy gives up and tells me that if I want cable, I’m either going to have to have the landlord force Tony to let him in on another visit or the landlord’s going to have to approve some rewiring to route the cable around Tony’s apartment. He apologizes, refunds my deposit and leaves.

For the next several weeks, every time Tony sees me, he starts up the rant about the cable guy and attempts to show me any wire he can find anywhere on the building so he can show me “where the cable actually is.” He shows me the phone lines several times, shows me part of an extension cord, etc., denies having any cables run through his apartment and then yells at me for letting the cable guy into the building in the first place. Every encounter ends with me telling him I’m not interested in talking to him and to just let it go.

Finally, after about a month, I see him sitting on his front porch. He calls me over to tell me that he knows the local TV stations are spying on him. I should watch the news — then I’ll see! They’re spying! And worst of all the offenders is (you guessed it) Time Warner Cable. And that’s why he had to cut their cable in his apartment — so they couldn’t spy on him with their cameras any more.

My head whips around. the cable? My cable? The one he claimed didn’t go anywhere near his apartment? Aaaaiigghhhhh!!!

So, I never did get around to calling the landlord to have the building rewired. Just haven’t gotten to it yet. Sure, I miss the cable, but it just doesn’t seem worth all of the hassle yet. Maybe this Fall. We’ll see.