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We’re back

Tuesday, November 30th, 2004 | Life in Czeltistan | 2 Comments

Just got home last night. Had much fun, but we’re both very happy to be back in the States. (Hooray for concrete sidewalks!!)

Busy digging out from a week’s worth of being gone, but I’ll post more later and I’ll post the digital pix to Shutterfly or something. Stay tuned.

Hi from Prague

Saturday, November 27th, 2004 | Life in Czeltistan | 1 Comment

We’re killing time while waiting for a train, so I thought I’d say hi to everyone.

Prague = much fun. Hooray! Our Czech, however, really sucks. Thankfully, most everyone here has enough English for us to get by.

And Matt, we’ll try to get that pic for you. (Wish we’d known last night that you wanted that. We were standing right there.)

Things I am thankful for

Friday, November 19th, 2004 | Life in Czeltistan | 5 Comments

While it’s true that I’m thankful all you lovely people stop by to see what kind of nonsense I’m up to, I’ll be taking a little break for a week or so. It’s pretty busy here in Czeltistan, plus there’s that holiday thing coming up and then there’s the part where I go visit the “Cz” part of “Czeltic.” If I get a chance to post, I will, but don’t count on it.

Meantime, enjoy your Turkey Day, everyone. (And, Linus, thank you very much for now putting the thought “Mmm. Butler’s chocolate *drool*” into my thoughts of Thanksgiving. If only they were closer, I’d buy myself another box of those wonderful yummies.)

When Goats Attack

Friday, November 19th, 2004 | Fun With Teh Intarweb | 6 Comments

I remember being traumatized by animals at the zoo when I was a kid, but I don’t remember goats as being one of them. I remember a bird not wanting to let go of my mitten and I know the orangutans got loose once when we were there (Monkeys!), but nothing about the goats. I remember them going after other kids, though. Mwahh ha.

So, for those types of people, there’s the Childhood Goat Trauma Foundation (make sure you mouse over the goat drawing). Don’t forget to check out the “goat trauma in action” link. There are some terrifying moments there.


Monday, November 15th, 2004 | Life in Czeltistan | 2 Comments

Steelbuddha is in for a fun morning tomorrow. He’s got an appointment with an oral surgeon that may lead to immediate wisdom tooth extraction. Yeeee-owch!

Hurry up and get better, SB.

WTF, part 2

Friday, November 12th, 2004 | Fun With Teh Intarweb | 3 Comments

My Amazon recommendations today offered me the following fine items:
– a home defibrillator
– a Barbie Galadrial
– a book entitled “Irritable Male Syndrome : Solving Male Depression and Aggression”
– Shania Twain’s greatest hits

Steelbuddha points out that one of the last two items causes the other. I’ll let you decide which way that works.


Friday, November 12th, 2004 | Life in Czeltistan | 6 Comments

This just came zipping by my cube on a scooter.

Goes nicely with the Keebler elf, don’tcha think?

The other Olympics

Friday, November 12th, 2004 | General | 1 Comment

Heard this on NPR this morning and I figure they can use all the exposure they can get for this one, so I’m passing this along.

The Outdoor Life Network (or as I like to call them, “The Huntin’ Channel”) will be showing the 2004 Athens Paralympics on Saturday from 5-7pm (Eastern, I’m assuming). Just pretend that the games weren’t two months ago or that they’re only getting a meager two hours of airtime on a fairly obscure cable channel.

I’m going to try to catch ‘em in between my hockey game and my dinner plans — especially the wheelchair rugby and dressage.

Bullet time would be a handy feature right about now

Thursday, November 11th, 2004 | Life in Czeltistan | 2 Comments

Oh, if only I could find a way to either get more time in the day or to move faster than everything around me, I’d probably be doing just fine now. But I can’t seem to find a way to do either (damned temporal physics), so I’ll just have to settle for being really, really busy. But it’s a semi-productive kind of busy, so I guess that’s ok.

We’re finally nearing completion on the duplex renovations. In theory, it all seemed so simple. Who knew it all would turn into such a nightmare? (Yes, yes, I realize the answer to that one is “anyone, ever, who has done renovation work”.) And it turns out there was kind of a cute little apartment lurking underneath the crap that was formerly masquerading as the lower flat in the house. And it holds its heat well, which is a huge bonus to any renters we get, what with heating prices being teh suck these days.

I’m also quite happily living back in the world of people with functioning refrigerators. Finally — the huge box in the corner of my kitchen is good for storing things other than Guinness. (Not that that was necessarily a bad thing, mind you. It’s just that occasionally I’d like a cold beverage or possibly some dairy products.)

I also managed to get in quite a bit of the fun this weekend and earlier this week, which was nice. Tiring, as it all had to be done between hours at the duplex, but nice. Friday night started at a friend’s post-election “pity party” (alcohol helps in accepting the fact that we’ve once again hired an idiot to do the job) and then moved on to another friend’s 6-band birthday party, which was attended by many other friends I hadn’t seen in years. It was a long night, but very entertaining.

Saturday evening was a hay ride out at the former step-family’s dairy farm. (Oh, come on. I *had* to. It’s Wisconsin. Every now and then you just have to venture out to the country and ride around on a giant truck full of hay.) Couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day for it. I’ve been on hay rides before, just not this particular semi-annual event. It was all very entertaining and I have to say that the youngest of the former step-cousins and his friends build a mean bonfire. That thing had to be hot through Tuesday. The evening also marked the first time I have ever heard someone carving a pumpkin lament that he wished he had some sandpaper. (Apparently the edges of the carving weren’t smooth enough. Must be a country thing ‘coz here in the city, we just let ‘em be.)

And finally, Tuesday night was the long-awaited Pixies show. They sounded amazing. Their stage show isn’t the most-exciting thing on wheels (someone — anyone — please move around a bit), but they sure do kick ass on the playing.

Gonna be busy this weekend, too — hockey, dinner plans for Saturday night, letterboxing gathering on Sunday. Also need to find some time to start getting ready for our trip, which is coming up all too soon. (And yet, not soon enough.)

Wanna box?

Wednesday, November 10th, 2004 | Life in Czeltistan | 2 Comments

Heads up to anyone who will be in the Milwaukee area this Sunday and has any interest in learning more about letterboxing — local letterboxing guru Dragon will be hosting a gathering up in Jackson at 1pm. Boxes will be hunted, fun will be had, vittles will be et. More info can be found here (or feel free to e-mail me).

Yes, it sounds like geekery. I was a little skeptical going into my first gathering, too. (It’s the Star Trek conventions that ruined it for all of us, isn’t it? Now we all kind of expect hobby gatherings to include people in costumes who have no other lives. *sigh*) I have to say, though, after about 1/2 hour at the gathering I went to, I was glad I went. Met a lot of great people and had a fantastic time. (Got my photo in Time Magazine too, but don’t go getting your hopes up, ok? I think that was a fluke.)

Did we mention we’re sorry?

Friday, November 5th, 2004 | Fun With Teh Intarweb | No Comments

Sorry Everybody.

And props to the Daily Mirror for having such a good cover the other day.

We welcome our new Canadian overlords.

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004 | Bloggity goodness | 1 Comment

Canada 2.0

Heh. Where do we sign up?


Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004 | You Call This News? | 2 Comments

Man tries to seize Governor’s Island.

Come on. It’s not like anyone else is using it. (Ok, maybe the Coast Guard. But I’m sure he’d share the island with them.) He’s clearly qualified: He’s the head of a political party (albeit his own, of which he is also the only member) and he remembered to bring a flag, which shows he’s prepared. Plus he gets points for trying to solve his first armed invasion by requesting a peaceful solution.

Oh, sure, he’s nuts, but then he wouldn’t be the first leader with that qualification, now would he?


Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004 | Life in Czeltistan | 5 Comments

Dear Every Other Country in the World:

We’re sorry.

(well, the educated part of America)

On a lighter note, there seems to be help to the North. Thanks, Canada. First hockey and now this generous offer. You guys are all right.

A good sign

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2004 | Life in Czeltistan | 3 Comments

Good, but slightly inconvenient: The line at my polling place was too long this morning for me to be able to stop and vote on my way in to work.

I find that encouraging. In the four years I’ve voted there and the seven years prior to that when I drove by there on election days, I have never once seen the line extend out the doorway. The longest line I’ve ever seen was during the election four years ago, when it stretched back to the foyer of the building. Today there must have been upwards of 75 people in the line outside alone. Sweet. That means there’s another 50-75 inside.

Usually when I vote on the way in to work, I’m voter #28 or something in that range. (And I go in to work late, folks.) Even if I vote on the way home, I’ve never broken the voter #200+ mark. That should change today. And while it’ll be kind of inconvenient to have to spend a chunk of my day standing in line, I don’t think I’ll mind it so much — my area of town is heavily Democratic. (Hooray for students and artists!) Makes me feel a little better after having to suffer through Section Full o’ Republicans at last night’s hockey game. (Though Hockey Buddy did a fine job with taunting them for the entire night. Their main arguments as to why Bush was better: “Kerry never explains what his ‘plan’ is” and “Teresa Heinz Kerry is ugly.” Yup. That last one sure did help convince us to change our minds! WTF?)

Update: Only took me 20 minutes to vote, and 5 of that was spent in the wrong line. (When there’s only one line going into the building, one usually assumes that’s the line to be in. If previously-registered voters who have been to that polling place before can skip the line, someone should maybe mention that. A sign would be nice.) Voter #668. The voter who cast ballot #666 made a funny (god, I hope it was a funny) that their vote was going to Bush. Long lines, but good spirits all around. And lots and lots of young ‘uns voting. I’ve never seen so many under-21 IDs at the polls before. Good job, kids.

When technology falls into the wrong hands

Monday, November 1st, 2004 | General | 3 Comments

TiVo posted a list of the top 100 shows recorded on Season Pass. It’s terribly depressing that so many of these shows not only managed to get more than a single viewing, but also managed to attract so many devoted fans.

I mean, come on. “Desperate Housewives”?? I’m sorry, but if you’re watching an entire season of “Desperate Housewives” or “Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy”, you don’t deserve technology like TiVo. It’s almost abuse.

Is there an election tomorrow or something?

Monday, November 1st, 2004 | Life in Czeltistan | 1 Comment

It’s “Bombard Milwaukee with Presidential Candidates Day” apparently. Kerry’s just a few blocks north of me at the moment, doing some rally/concert thingy with Jon Bon Jovi. They should have brought Edwards along. It could have been Jo(h)n Fest. It’s quite miserable and rainy outside, so I doubt there will be a crowd to rival the 80K he got in Madison last week, but I’m sure it’s quite the traffic mess up by City Hall at the moment. I think I’ll be heading south for lunch today.

Oh, and our (hopefully) soon-to-be lame duck prez is in town somewhere. He didn’t bring any rock stars with him, though. Tsk. (Aside to Gail: Be nice to the Secret Service folks today. If there’s any sort of god out there, it may be the last time you have to see this batch of them.)