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Ooh, check me out

Monday, October 30th, 2006 | Fun With Teh Intarweb | 4 Comments

I’ve got three patron saints. Need a patron saint yourself? Check the list. I’m sure you’ll find one.

Or, if you prefer, check the list of saints’ names and see what your namesake’s been up to. Me? I’m watchin’ over Canadians, Detroit Michigan, childless people and equestrians, to name a few.

(Via J-Walk Blog.)

Stock up now

Monday, October 30th, 2006 | You Call This News? | No Comments

Lawn flamingos to go the way of the dodo

Well, that’s not entirely true. New companies may take up production, but it just won’t be the same if they don’t come from Union Products. And I find it especially sad that they’re closing before a big 50th anniversary party can be had. It’d really be the perfect time to fill the company’s lawn with pink flamingos.

Vodka from my ‘hood

Friday, October 27th, 2006 | Life in Czeltistan | 1 Comment

After two years’ worth of inspection nonsense, Wisconsin has opened its first-ever vodka distillery (possibly even its first-ever distillery of any kind) (ok, legal distillery). Great Lakes Distillery in Riverwest is up and running.

Ok. I know what you’re thinking. Vodka? From Riverwest?? Trust me — I made the “how many times is this run through the Brita filter?” jokes myself. But I gotta tell ya, the stuff’s not bad. Not bad at all. I had a little taste of it last night, courtesy of the distiller’s father, who popped into my local for a quick drink before heading off to the local jazz club. We chatted, he bought me a cocktail. I’m not normally much of a vodka drinker, but when you’re drinking with the vodka’s namesake, you kind of have to give it a try. And this stuff is good. Very smooth, very mild. Might have to rethink my stance on vodka drinks at locations where this stuff’s available.

New bloggity goodness

Thursday, October 26th, 2006 | Bloggity goodness | 2 Comments

The Czelt stumbled across the blog of one Miss Information, tormented library clerk. She thoroughly enjoys reading of Miss I’s exploits, even if they are written in third person which usually annoys the Czelt, but for some reason, does not in this instance.

And I don’t even do the costume thing

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006 | Life in Czeltistan | 4 Comments

IM between Steelbuddha and me:

me: spacer.gif would be an awesome geek halloween costume.

SB: Hehe. Just wear saran wrap or something.

me: Or just all white. Stand between people or people and objects, forcing them apart.

SB: Brilliant!

So there you go, html friends. I just saved you a lot of time and money on a costume idea.

Mystery solved

Tuesday, October 24th, 2006 | You Call This News? | 1 Comment

Why does orange juice taste so bad after you brush your teeth?

And here I just thought it was part of the on-going war between oranges and mint.

Sorry for all the downtime

Thursday, October 19th, 2006 | Bloggity goodness | 2 Comments

Apparently the hamsters over at the server farm have been refusing to run on their wheels.

Or something.

Dunno, really. I just know that the site’s been going down a lot lately. Luckily, The Powers That Be have been whipping the hamster keepers as soon as anyone notices it’s down. We’re hoping the hamster strike can be ended soon and uptime will reign again. Meantime, my apologies if you’ve been trying to visit and couldn’t.

Mesmerized again

Wednesday, October 18th, 2006 | Design-y Bits, Fun With Teh Intarweb | 3 Comments

Remember those wonderful polyorama toys from days gone by? They were a series of cards with pictures on them that could be placed side-by-side in any order you choose to form an ever-changing landscape. I can’t remember if we had a set of them or if someone I knew did, but I remember playing with them and thinking they were quite the cat’s meow.

Well, now there’s an online version. Better still, my friend John Ralston is one of the contributors to the project. (Those of you who have been in my dining room have seen some of his art. The piece atop the highboy is his.) The funny thing is, I’d seen John’s flickr posts of the artwork, but didn’t know what it was all about until I saw the MeFi thread about it. Best yet, if you go to John’s polyorama flickr sets, there’s information on ordering a set, printed on Moo Cards. (And if you haven’t seen Moo Cards yet, they’re soooooo worth it. I just got my sample batch last night and I’m already planning my next order.)

Dear Lung-invading Plague,

Tuesday, October 17th, 2006 | Life in Czeltistan | 3 Comments

You’ve been here a week now. I’m tired of the medicated feeling from the cough syrup and (literally) tired of you keeping me up at night. (As I’m sure are my upstairs neighbors.) Go away.

Moose kisses,

(I’m hoping for one of the following: a) It will go away enough on its own and I’ll be able to cancel the doc appt I made for Thursday morning; or b) The doc will tell me it’s not just an irritating cold with no other symptoms but a cough and a general feeling of something sitting on my lungs, and give me something to make it go away. I prefer option “a”, but will take what I can get.)

Liars. Big, fat liars.

Monday, October 16th, 2006 | Fun With Teh Intarweb | 5 Comments

I thought I’d be like the cool kids and play that “How Many of Me” game on the internets. But it lies.

There are 0 people in the U.S. with the last name Stibor.

And then Christyl tried it.

There are 0 people in the U.S. with the first name Christyl.

So wait. Maybe Wisconsin and Illinois are now in Canada. That might explain it.


Friday, October 13th, 2006 | You Call This News? | 3 Comments

This American Life is offering free weekly podcasts, starting Monday.

This almost, kinda makes up for them moving the show to 10am on Sundays. Like I can listen at 10am on a Sunday. Please. I’m too busy with church.


Thursday, October 12th, 2006 | Life in Czeltistan | 3 Comments

We had snow last night. Christyl reports Chicago is currently getting enough snow that it’s starting to accumulate.

Um… it’s October.

(And yes, m@, I know you had snow last month. But the crucial difference is we have no mountains.)

Did I mention I *heart* Stephen Colbert?

Tuesday, October 10th, 2006 | You Call This News? | 2 Comments

How to Win by Stephen Colbert

(Via The Morning News)

Frakkin toaster

Monday, October 9th, 2006 | Toast! | 2 Comments

Ooh. I just found another t-shirt I want — TWOP’s wonderful little Cylon shirt.

Now, do I want it more because it’s got a toaster or because it’s Battleaxe Gallacticart? (That is the preferred spelling, yes Dad?)

On second thought

Monday, October 9th, 2006 | Life in Czeltistan | 5 Comments

I think I’m just going to tell people I lost about 200 lbs. this past weekend and let them do the math.

We should be so lucky

Monday, October 9th, 2006 | You Call This News? | No Comments

Stewart/Colbert ‘08

And of course, there’s a t-shirt.

Nearly as good as Feingold/Obama would be.

Good and bad

Saturday, October 7th, 2006 | Again with the hockey, Life in Czeltistan | 3 Comments

On the plus side, hockey season here in Milwaukee starts Saturday night. I’ve given the new uniforms a few months and I still have to give the logo a resounding thumbs down. I’m good with the rest of the jersey (ok, except maybe the font, which sucks, too), but the logo is just sad. I’m excited about the hockey itself, though. Seems like forever since the playoffs and I can’t wait for the opening faceoff. Lots of new kids in the lineup this year, and I’m optimistic about how they’ll do.

On the down side, honorary citizens of Czeltistan, your exalted ruler is no longer part of a couple. I guess it wasn’t much of a surprise on either side, but it still sucks. Somehow I knew this month’s full moon was really, really going to bite. And guess what? It did. A zillion thanks to Miz Christyl for being around for clean-up. And congrats, you’ve got your spot back as my date to parties (including the HD holiday party). But you’re still not gettin’ a kiss.

And again on the plus side, friend, Irish Fest buddy and favorite bartender, Tim’s, father had double bypass surgery and a valve replacement Friday and came through with flying colors. So at least there was a bright spot in the day. Get well soon, Dick. Glad to hear everything went smoothly.

Ok. So it’s bedtime for me, internets. Posting’s either going to be very sparse or very intense next week. Guess I’ll figure that out after a night or two of sleeping on an otherwise craptastic week.


Friday, October 6th, 2006 | You Call This News? | No Comments

Hey, Milwaukeeans (and former Milwaukeeans), remember Samson, the gorilla who lived at the Milwaukee Co. Zoo? Well check out what’s opening at the Museum on Jan. 6, 2007.

I know they won’t do it, but I wish there were something in the Samson exhibit akin to the snake button so that when you push it, he’d pound on the windows and rattle his cage like he always used to.

Gather ’round and sing BlogACatMas carols!

Thursday, October 5th, 2006 | Fun With Teh Intarweb | 3 Comments

It’s the first Friday in October, so that means it’s BlogACatMas. Happy holiday, everyone!

Best. Rider. Ever.

Thursday, October 5th, 2006 | Tunes! | 2 Comments

The Smoking Gun’s got Iggy Pop’s concert rider. It’s brilliant, even if it is chock full o’ typos.