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Oh, yeah

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Happy Leap Day n’ such. Enjoy your make-up time.

Looked back at my archives to see what I’d written on the last Leap Day. Nada. Didn’t even post that day. I couldn’t even manage a cursory “happy Leap Day” post. Wow. I’m quite the slacker sometimes.

Mmm. Bacon.

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These bacon cups really do seem like the most delicious thing and I was thinking I’d have to make them. Then I got to the part where there could be flames. Dripping grease in a gas oven is maybe not the best idea ever, so I think I’ll just have to imagine how wonderful they taste.

Thanks to Mr. Steelbuddha for the tip.

Somehow, this doesn’t surprise me

Thursday, February 28th, 2008 | Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Daylight Saving Wastes Energy, Study Says

Kitty update

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008 | Uncategorized | 7 Comments

Just got off the phone with the vet. Cliff’s labs are not good. I could bring her in for surgery tomorrow, but the odds of her both surviving it and being ok after aren’t so hot. So instead, we’re opting for waiting through the weekend, continuing her penicillin and fluids, giving her narcotic pain relievers (stoned kitty!) and reducing her thyroid medication. Then we’ll check her again on Monday and see if she’s better equipped for surgery Tuesday.

I’m hoping for the very best for my little munchkin, but you just know things are never good when the vet gives you a bunch of crappy options and then tells you, “I’m glad this isn’t my decision to make.”

So no uncrossing those fingers yet. Cliffy’s still got a long road ahead of her.

Getting to be that season again

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St. Pat’s is coming up (And quickly. When did it get to be the end of February already??), which means all manner of Irish activity can be found around town these days. So for those of you in the Milwaukee area, here are some helpful suggestions to aid in your planning.

For those of you who want to get an early jump on the festivities, make sure you check out the Emerald Society’s Brendan Heart Fund Benefit at Derry’s, Sunday from 1-6pm. For a mere $6, you get entertainment from Blarney, Atlantic Wave, The Glencastle Irish Dancers, Greater Milwaukee Fire and Police Pipes & Drums and the Shamrock Club Pipes & Drums. Proceeds from the event benefit the cardiac care unit at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. For the price of a pint and a tip, you get all that entertainment and you get to help little kids. How can you lose?

If your main interest in St. Patrick’s Day — other than drinking on the day itself — is the parade, then here’s what you’ll need to know for that.

Milwaukee has two St. Pat’s parades. (Don’t ask. It’s kind of a long story.) Both are on Saturday, March 8. The big one is the Shamrock Club St. Patrick’s Day Parade downtown. It steps off at noon at 3rd St. and Wisconsin Ave. The other parade is at 3:30pm out on Blue Mound Rd., from 68th St. down to 51st St.

There are also plenty of other events the weekend of the parades, including lunchtime events at Grand Ave. Mall from 11:30am-1pm on March 5-8; the ShamROCK event at Miller Time Pub in the Hilton from 5:30-11pm on March 7; and the Shamrock Club’s post-parade party at the Irish Cultural and Heritage Center from 1-6pm on March 8. (Always a good time. And no, Brian, that doesn’t mean I want to organize that event again. Good try, though.)

Like last year, around 100 members of the NYPD will be joining the parade here, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the NYPD Bachelor Auction at Rock Bottom Brewery on Thursday, March 6. Fifteen officers will be auctioned off, with proceeds helping to fund the parade. Doors open at 8pm. Auction begins at 9pm. Cover is $5.

This leaves me with a warm fuzzy feeling

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Glacier tagger gets frosty treatment

Excellent punishment. This should be standard for all taggers. Maybe with a couple good smacks to the side of the head thrown in just for good measure. I’d also bill them for the manhours it took the police to find them. You can afford all that spray paint, you can afford a fine.

Crossing my fingers

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008 | Uncategorized | 5 Comments

Cliffy’s sick again. Not eating much. Losing weight. Vet’s coming this afternoon to take a look at her.

Let’s all cross our fingers and hope for the best, m’kay? Sick geri-cat-rics are scary and I’m a bit worried.

Update: She’s got a bad tooth. If her labs all come back ok, the tooth comes out on Thursday. Small sigh of relief breathed. Now I hold my breath again for the lab results.

I love this headline

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No, not the one I wrote. This one: Starbucks closes to learn how to make coffee.

Right. Like that’s gonna happen.

A picture’s worth about two hours’ worth of other pictures

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Or something like that.

79 Years of Best Picture Winners in Posters

I’m not big on the Oscars (or, really, any awards show) and rarely know who winners are, but I’m all about the poster design end of things.

(via The Morning News)

Next time, use English

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If you’re going to write a resume cover letter, don’t write it like this. You just sound like a schmuck who needs a good punch in the teeth.

In fact, I’m all for a “3 strikes and you’re out” policy (ending in the death penalty) for phrases like this.

Another wonderful entry — which I can’t stop chuckling at — from Agency Tart can be found here.

(via Copyranter)

New typography term

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I’d get the t-shirt, but it would just make me nuts.

Weekend in New York

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008 | Uncategorized | 6 Comments

Midwest Airlines fare sale + Available Rangers tickets = Trip to NYC!

I couldn’t resist the temptation, so I spent last weekend out east. As always, it was a wonderful time. (HUGE thanks to Tony for being such the awesome host/ticket wrangler/hostel. I still owe you dinner, my friend.)

I got into town a bit later than expected on Friday, which meant I wasn’t able to catch lunch with Mr. Tim, so I decided I would just spend Friday wandering about the southern end of Manhattan and finding ways to amuse myself while waiting for everyone else to get off of work. Got settled into the apartment and then hopped the train into the city. Got off at Union Station and headed for the exit, where the charming man in front of me, who was carrying three approximately 10-foot-long mailing tubes, bonked me in the head with them as he tried to exit the station. Ouch! (He almost took out a cyclist once we got outside. Geez, man. High sticking much?) Went over to Utrecht to hit the Art-o-Mat. No luck. Out of order. So the day’s not off to a great start: Late flight, no lunch with Tim, new red mark in the middle of my forehead, no fun new art. Dammit, New York, this is not what I had in mind.

Ok. Back outside. Shake it off and figure I’ll just do what I usually do when life is piling on top of me: go to the bookstore. So it was off to Strand Books. It’s a good thing I was on foot and had to carry around whatever I bought, or I’d have walked out of there with a lot more than I did. But I found a couple NY books I wanted and one novel about a half-dozen people have told me I need to read (“Apex Hides the Hurt”). I also ran into jonmc from MetaFilter. Millions of people in the city, and I stumble into someone I kind of know. Excellent. This is suddenly getting to be more like it.

After that, I wandered around the Village and SoHo. Found some interesting things to look at and shops to check out. Saw the typical New York-y things to see: Street musicians, a walking tour (none of whom knew who Archie Leach was when their guide asked. Tsk.), cabbies yelling at other drivers, a couple of girls taking pictures of the doorway to the building where Heath Ledger died, etc. (No, I didn’t take the girls’ photo.) Had a wonderful day for just walking around. When I left Milwaukee, it was 11 degrees. New York was at nearly 50. Yessir, that’s better. Perfect day to be outside.

Went down to Chinatown after that, in search of the perfect bubble tea. Got my tea and walked up to Bowery, trying to decide if I should keep going downtown or head back uptown, when an older Chinese man stopped and started talking to me. He insisted I was French and wouldn’t take no for an answer (I gave up trying to correct him). Then he proceeded to tell me his family’s history from pre-WWII until the present. All he needed me to do was nod in the appropriate places and smile at his jokes. I did so, he wished me well, and was on his way again. I took what was left of my tea and started back uptown.

About six blocks up from there, I hear someone yelling, “Red! Hey, Red! Red! Up here.” I look up, and there’s a middle-aged man on his balcony. He waves and says, “You’re gorgeous. I thought you should know that.” I smile and say thanks. He smiles back with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen and says “even more beautiful now.” Awww. Thanks, mister. You just made my day, especially since I got very little sleep the night before and was feeling very windblown.

I continue on my way again. A block or so later, this truck pulls up as I’m walking down the sidewalk, the driver rolls down his window and yells “Excuse me!” I figure it’s someone asking for directions (which would be the third time that day I’d had to give them), but instead he follows with “Has anyone ever told you you’re beautiful?” For a split second, I wanted to reply, “Yeah. Some guy about a block back. Do you know him?” but decided to go with “Thank you!” instead. He honked a brief honk of his horn and got back into traffic. I walked on, smiling and remembering how much I love New York.

I still had a bit of time before I had to meet Tony and Scott for dinner, so I popped into a pub to catch a happy hour pint or two and sit down for the first time all day. Took a spot at the bar next to an older woman who was reading the paper. I get my pint and begin to watch whatever sports thing is on the TV. From next to me, I hear, “Can you believe it’s been 25 years since Klaus von Bulow?” It’s the woman sitting next to me, who is offering me that page of her NY Post as evidence. Ok. I’ll bite. That’s definitely the most unusual opening line I’ve ever heard from a stranger in a pub. So the two of us get to talking. Actually, she got to talking. I got to listening…to the most eclectic collection of stories ever. She was a former TWA flight attendant, married twice (“but only ‘coz the first one died”), dated her dermatologist (“He’s famous. You’d know him. He was cute, but insane. And his mother keeps calling me.”), is convinced of a Kennedy conspiracy and loves New York, but can’t wait to move out of it. Funniest and oddest drinking companion I’ve had in ages. And then she tried to set me up with the bartender. (“He’s on a soap. Well, he got a bit part on a soap. But I’m sure he’ll be a star.”) She leaned in to talk to him, whispered something to him and pointed at me. I asked him what she said. He replied, “She said you’re in advertising. I’m an actor. I should kiss you.” Only proper response one can throw at a line like that is “Huh. That’s not the usual feeling people have towards people in advertising.” And on that note, I took my leave of the bar and headed off to Katz’s for dinner with the boys.

We stuffed ourselves silly, as one is wont to do at Katz’s and then made a failed attempt to meet up with Sam and Bari and go to Death & Co., which was a little too full to fit us plus the one or two others who would be joining us. So we found ourselves another pub and then went to get dinner for those who hadn’t eaten. By that time, we were all pretty exhausted, so we called it a night and went home.

Got up the next day and the group of us from the night before (minus Tony, who had a trivia event to work) went out to Flushing Meadows-Corona Park to check out the World’s Fair remnants and go to the Queens Museum of Art. Bit cold out, but a perfect day for photos — sunny and nothing but blue skies. The World’s Fair stuff was cool, but hands-down, the highlight of the trip was the NY Panorama at the Museum. I’d heard and read a lot about it and seen photos, but it’s absolutely stunning to see in person. It’s HUGE and remarkably detailed. We were all having a great time picking out people’s houses and pointing out little details to each other. If you’re out that way in Queens, make sure you stop in and check it out. You won’t be sorry.

Next thing we knew, it was four hours later, so we headed back home to get Tony and regroup. We all went out for dinner and then moved our tired selves to a pub near everyone’s apartments. It seemed like it’d be an early night, but some of us were out until 4am (some earlier, some later). Thanks, nice staff at Zlata Praha. We had a blast.

And then came Sunday. (After far, far too little sleep.) Rangers game day! Woo hoo! First trip to Madison Square Garden. I think “giddy” might be a good word to describe how I was feeling. It was a great game — Rangers won, San Jose kind of forgot to bring their defense (next time, forget the goalie too, would ya?). Dancing Larry was only a few rows behind us. I’ve gotta say, contrary to what I thought things would be like, the Rangers fans are one polite bunch. Admirals fans do far, far more heckling. (Then again, we’re a minor league market. We have to make our own fun.)

After that, Tony & I grabbed a couple of pints at a Midtown pub and wandered around a bit. Then it was back to Astoria and off to LaGuardia for an evening of flight delays and waiting around for my flight home.

Considering how miserable the weather was back home earlier in the day, the flight went smoothly and the drive home was fine. Or at least it was until I tried getting into my driveway. Nothing like glare ice on a steep hill to make the evening complete. But I eventually got into the lot and went into the house to greet the cats and hear their demands for food. Ah, home.

Again, big thanks to the Astoria crew for a weekend chock full of fun, cocktails and good food (and very little sleep). Many thanks also to the girls’ Uncle Mike and Auntie Christyl for catsitting. I hope the girls weren’t too much trouble.

Photos from the weekend are here. Enjoy.

Who needs a budget?

Monday, February 18th, 2008 | Uncategorized | 4 Comments

Got this from the Emerald Society boys.

Bagpipes on a Police Budget.

So sleepy

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New York stories coming as soon as I’m awake enough to tell them.

Little short on sleep after the weekend.

I think I’m in love

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If I wasn’t already decided in my vote for Tuesday, this photo would seal the deal.

(photo courtesy of Miss Fipi Lele. If I’d have been close enough to take it, I’d already have the box of coffee in my hands.)

But you know what is fun?

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008 | Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Buying yourself new jewelry for no reason whatsoever.

Got myself a couple of typewriter key pendants from The Weekend Store. I’ve been gushing over their stuff for awhile now. They had a one-day sale last week (thanks for the tip, Rare Bird Finds), which gave me just the push I needed.

Got an A and brackets (long story, but trust me, the brackets are cool). Ordered them late last week (Thursday?), got them on Tuesday. That’s some excellent service.

I didn’t really need any new jewelry, but I sure am happy with my purchase. Yay!

Know what’s not so much fun?

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008 | Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Organizing 13 years’ worth of CDs and DVDs in basement storage.

Got tired of having to look through a zillion boxes marked “CDs” (or, in one less-than-helpful case, “CDs – 2005,” which did not contain anything from 2005).

I can’t remember the last time I’ve sneezed this much. Then again, it is nice and quiet down there and no one’s bothering me.

Post-blizzard pros and cons

Friday, February 8th, 2008 | Uncategorized | 4 Comments

1) Snow! And good snow for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, at that. (If I had a sled, I’d probably be over at Riverside Park with it. Also looks like good sledding snow.)

2) Everyone is so freakin’ nice to each other. In the last two days, I’ve seen more people come out to help strangers dig or push their cars out. We’re all stuck in the same snowy mess. You help someone else now, someone may help you later if you need it. Snow karma. It’s a wonderful thing. (Even though I haven’t needed any help from anyone so far, I’ve jump-started a car for a neighbor who left his lights on, helped push a guy out of a parking spot, and stopped in the middle of the road on my drive home — don’t worry, there were no other cars around — to tell a pedestrian she’d dropped her glove about 10′ back.) Plus you actually see neighbors out talking and working with each other. It’s getting a little on the rare side these days. It’s nice to see it still happens. Makes me feel all warm & fuzzy.

3) Actually feels like a proper winter in Wisconsin.

1) My street and the ones on either side of it? Still not plowed as of this morning. Come on, City, this is ridiculous.

Let’s play “Guess Which Day It Will be Cloudy”

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Total lunar eclipse, Feb. 20. Viewing schedule for CST zone. Info for everyone else here.

So jealous

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One of my coworkers just got an Indian head nickel as change from our soda machine.

Dammit. Why didn’t I think to go get a soda right now?? *sigh*