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This is awesome

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Wanna know what your tax cut would be if Obama gets elected?


As a child tastes like: Coconut cream filled pink cakes. As an adult tastes like: Triple bypass surgery.

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Pixifood (PIKZ-ee-food), noun: Any food substance that is highly pleasant to the taste as a child and tastes shockingly unpleasant once you become an adult.

I have to disagree with the Fig Newtons and NECCO Wafers, though. Those are still awesome.

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Want to see how design can make a difference?

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Here’s a perfect example, using an election ballot.

How Design Can Save Democracy

(Make sure you use the scroll bar alongside the ballot to see the full difference. It’s quite a change, especially where the mass transit measure is.)

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I do feel lucky.

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AMC just made my day* — Sept. 1 through Sept. 5, they’ll be showing a different Dirty Harry movie every night. Guess I know what I’ll be doing each night that week. Harry Callahan is Czeltistan’s favorite cop. (And that’s saying something. Police shows are the official entertainment of the Republic.)

*ok, I’ll stop now.

Typography and sadness

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I’d never heard of Postman’s Park in London before tonight, but after browsing through a Flickr contact’s photos, I’d really like to visit someday. The park contains plaques celebrating the heroism of ordinary people.

I Like has the most wonderful set of the memorial plaques, which were created by Royal Doulton. The lettering on them is absolutely gorgeous and some of the stories are really quite moving. She also writes about it on her blog.

They’re still doing better than I would

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DFL: Celebrating last-place finishes at the Olympics. Because they’re there, and you’re not.

It’s largely a records of names and times, but it’s good for a few chuckles here and there. (Bonus points to the author for sneaking in Dr. Horrible and Monty Python references.)

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This may be the cutest horse photo ever. That’s probably partially because Icelandic ponies are so adorable to begin with, but it really is a great capture.

Make sure you check out the rest of Nils Riedweg’s portfolio, too. His street shots are especially nice.

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Two wheels good

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Check out these nifty NYC bike racks, designed by David Byrne. (I think the dog and the guitar are my favorites.) Fun and functional. Very nice. I wish someone would do something fun like that here. Then again, I’d just be happy to have a bike rack on the same block as the pub so I could ride my bike down there.

And speaking of bikes, I was checking out the Idea Winners section over at Business Week’s site (specifically, I was taking a gander at this fun little lawn mower) when I saw a thumbnail photo that looked awfully familiar. Sure enough, it was for the Trek Lime. (I recognized the photo from one of last year’s catalog photo shoots. I’m pretty sure I even remember which DVD it’s on in our archives. I think I need a vacation.)

Subliminal* lolcats

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Spaghetti Cat

(*Note: Not actually subliminal. That sucker was on the screen for nearly two seconds.)

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Irish Fest weekend

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If you’re in the Milwaukee area this weekend, don’t forget to check out Irish Fest. Lots of great new bands this year and a couple fun new highlights await.

I’ll be in my usual spot, dispensing CDs and merchandise for the rock stage bands. Stop by and say hi if you’re on the grounds.

Why they don’t let me plan Olympic opening ceremonies

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Sure, last night’s opening ceremonies in Bejing were nice and all (I heartily approve of lighting off that many fireworks, though may I just point out that they probably set themselves back a day on the air quality thing with that much smoke), but I’d have made a few changes. I’d have had the last runner hand off the torch to a guy in the first tank in a row of three tanks. The tanks would then continue down the track until it came to a guy with a briefcase. (Pause for dramatic photo ops.) Then the gun turret on the first tank would raise and fire the torch up into the arena’s torch for the final lighting ceremony.

Oh, come on. You know you’d have enjoyed that every bit as much as I would have.

And per se and

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An entire blog dedicated to my very favorite type character: The Ampersand

I still fawn over the very lovely one we ran across in Brooklyn a year or so ago:

A little rant about the Favre debacle

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Dear State of Wisconsin,
Look, I like the Packers, too, but I can’t take any more of this Favre news. There actually are other things happening in the world and some of us, oddly enough, would actually like to hear about them on the news or read about them in the paper. There’s only so much I can take of this crap. Gah! I’m *thisclose* to heading up to Green Bay and offering him a ride to the airport. Or maybe just a little cheese to go with his whine.

Ok. I’m done now.

Commercial update

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Re: this post about True North’s commercials.

I just saw one this evening and notice they’ve switched to “an extraordinary snack.” Yes. Much better, though I was beginning to enjoy the occasional giggle when their spots ran.

Iced horrors

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We are fortunate here in Milwaukee to have some very talented bakers in the area who specialize in wonderfully decorated cakes. (Eat Cake and Bay Bakery, I’m lookin’ at you.)

Some people are not so lucky: Cake Wrecks

I wish I’d run across this site at home. It was really hard to look through some of these entries and not actually laugh out loud. I do actually have things to do. Since none of them are of the type that makes one giggle, laughing would be a bit of a giveaway that I’m slacking a bit today. (Then again, after the last few weeks, I think I’m entitled to a wee bit of down time.)

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Only to be washed away by the tide

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Jim Denevan’s wonderful sand art.