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More love for my city

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Looks like the St. Louis Post-Dispatch sent a writer up to check out the Harley-Davidson Museum. He explored the lakefront and Third Ward areas while he was here and paid a visit to the Iron Horse Hotel. Nice things to say about all.

And according to, there will be a Milwaukee travel piece in this Sunday’s NY Times. (Hint hint to my NYC buddies.)

Can’t take him any more

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There’s always a point during Dubya’s speeches when I get frustrated with him and mutter, “Shut up, jackass.” I can’t stand his voice, I can’t stand his mannerisms when he’s speaking, and then there’s the point where I usually can’t stand what he’s saying. But I try to listen because I should at least know what he’s saying. When I reach the “jackass” point, though, I can’t take any more and change the channel.

This morning’s speech went something like this:
Dubya: Good morning.
Me: Shut up, jackass.

1960s design junkies, this one’s for you.

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Check out this wonderful Flickr set of vintage matchbook covers.

JZ – You’ll love the hockey ones at the bottom of p 4 and top of p 5.

(Via Modern Cat

Oh, SBC, you so crazy.

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Sacha Baron Cohen held by police after outrageous stunt on Milan catwalk

Outrageous? Really? Milan must be duller than I thought. Still, it was a pretty good stunt.

Another candidate I can get behind

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McClane 2008

Steelbuddha points out that I’d probably also vote for Harry Callahan if he were running. But I’d definitely vote for McClane first.

(McClane link via

Not that I really have a lawn to mow

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But I so want one of these sheep mowers that are being featured at this year’s Wired NextFest. So adorable. (And, if you’ve got border collies in the neighborhood, you get the added excitement of watching the dogs try to corral them.)

Also, if you’re in the Chicago area between September 27 and October 12, do check out NextFest. We went a couple of years ago and it was really interesting. (And I’m not just saying that because they had the cloned cats there and I go all squishy over any event that features kitties.) Besides, it’s free and while you’re there, you can check out the rest of Millennium Park. Don’t forget to take the obligatory shot of yourself reflected in the Bean.

(Thanks to coworker Jason for the linkage.)

Madly in love with Mad Men

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If you’re a fan of the show, you have to check out these Mad Men illustrations. They’re fabulous.


Weekend not off to a great start

Saturday, September 20th, 2008 | Uncategorized | 5 Comments

A friend of mine’s had a rough last few years: parental health problems, had to put his young dog down (they found out later her illness was caused by a part of a toy she ate), and finally, a separation he didn’t see coming, followed by a divorce.

A little less than a year ago, his luck changed. He met a great girl. They hit it off and began dating in December. Even nine months later, they were still making goo-goo eyes at each other. They were very clearly in love. We were all really happy for him. Everyone thought this girl was really great.

Early this summer, she was diagnosed with lupus. In July, she started having some issues with the illness and by mid-August, she was absolutely miserable. She checked into the hospital about a month ago for what was supposed to be three to four days of treatment because she was retaining so much fluid, her breathing was becoming compromised. As of the beginning of this week, she was still there, but now in ICU. By Tuesday, she was on oxygen and continuous dialysis. She had compression wraps on her legs because the circulation was nearly gone. The family was told that if she made it through, she’d lose her legs. Things were looking very, very bad. The doctors suggested her parents call in the family.

On Friday morning, her family was forced to make the decision to keep her on the machines or to let her go. At 10:30am, the machines were turned off. At 1pm, she died. She was 26-years-old.

Everyone’s just devastated. Things like this aren’t supposed to happen to people that young. Lupus is supposed to be something a person can live with for many years.

About the only good thing to come out of yesterday was watching the steady stream of friends coming to offer comfort and whatever else they could for my friend. He’s got a great support network. I hope we can all provide him a little comfort.

You know they’re lying. Find out how much.

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PolitiFact Truth-o-Meter: Your handy-dandy guide to the political rhetoric.

Checks the claims on both sides and lets you know how accurate the statements are.

(via The Morning News)

A bit of cuteness, a bit of design

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Two links for you:

This print is aptly named. Adorable Garden

And some lovely typewriter ribbon tins. I’ve got a couple of these at home. Wish mine were in as nicely preserved.

(First link via my own prowling. Second link via Coudal Partners.)

We need these in the US, please

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These are just the most adorable organizer tabs ever. Want. Now.

(via NOTCOT)

Rescued by Iron Maiden

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Remember way back in the early days of the blog when I posted about Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden and his airline? Well, he’s in the news again, this time rescuing Brits stranded in the wake of the XL collapse.

I’m sure many of the people who used XL are around my age, but I just have this mental image of a bunch of grannies getting on his plane and saying things like, “He’s such a nice boy. I heard he was in a band of some sorts.” “Oh. I wonder what he plays. Clarinet, maybe.” *snicker*

For the travelers among you

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I don’t travel as many as some of you, but I do it enough to know that the right travel accessories can make your life a whole lot easier. This morning I stumbled across a great blog called Practical Travel Gear that offers handy reviews of travel gadgets and clothes. (Campers: he reviews things that can help you out, too.)

I wish I could remember how I found the blog so I could give credit, but I’ve been all over the interwebs today and I can’t accurately trace my route.

I’m feeling the need to be pedantic corrected.

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Attention Hurricane Ike newscasters: Please stop saying “may face certain death.” You either do face certain death or you don’t. There’s no “may.” If there’s a chance someone won’t die, it’s not exactly certain, now is it?

Being a bad speller will only get you laughed at

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Obama Sign In Yard Stirs Up Neighbors

(Thanks, BB. That was a good laugh. At least it was until I thought about it a little more. Then it made me want to cry.)


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Test Your Color IQ

It made my head go all spinny.

First time through, I got a 61. Second time, 12. That second time was luck. I see no difference in many of these colors.

I’m hungry just looking at it

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A Flickr photoset of Full English breakfasts. Yum!

(via The Morning News)

Time for a trip to the library

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m@ has a book recommendation for me. And such sweet things to say. *blush*

No! Bad marketers.

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Pizza vending machine

I bet that little blue panel near the top has phone numbers for nearby cardiologists and poison control centers.

The dog ate my evidence

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Fresno Burglar Awakens Victims With Spice Rub, Sausage Attack

Thank you, California, for keeping things weird.