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Wish I’d seen this before we baked last week

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008 | Design-y Bits | No Comments

I’m not usually a big fan of gingerbread houses. They’re wonderful to look at, of course, but I don’t really see the point to them. Perhaps if I wasn’t so keen on actually eating gingerbread, I’d see the point. But to me it’s just depressing to spend that much time assembling something that will either a) be stale before you want to take it apart or b) be eaten immediately, thus making all the effort you put into building it a big waste of time.

However, after seeing the zombie gingerbread house, I’ve got a whole new appreciation for them. In fact, I’m kind of tempted to make a fake one out of Sculpey. If I do it right, it’d be a decoration I could put out year after year. Festive!

(thanks for the tip, BB!)

Warning: You’re about to feel all warm & fuzzy inside

Monday, December 22nd, 2008 | General | No Comments

Hard Times, a Helping Hand

IN the weeks just before Christmas of 1933 — 75 years ago — a mysterious offer appeared in The Repository, the daily newspaper here. It was addressed to all who were suffering in that other winter of discontent known as the Great Depression. The bleakest of holiday seasons was upon them, and the offer promised modest relief to those willing to write in and speak of their struggles. In return, the donor, a “Mr. B. Virdot,” pledged to provide a check to the neediest to tide them over the holidays.

Not surprisingly, hundreds of letters for Mr. B. Virdot poured into general delivery in Canton — even though there was no person of that name in the city of 105,000. A week later, checks, most for as little as $5, started to arrive at homes around Canton. They were signed by “B. Virdot.”

(Thanks to raypride for the tip.)

Snowpocalypse Now

Friday, December 19th, 2008 | General | 3 Comments

Awake many hours earlier than I should be (7am is too early for me to wake up even on work days, much less on days off), but my neighbor’s spinning tires woke me up, so I figured I’d get up to see how bad SNOWPOCALYPSE ‘08 is, and I’ve been sucked in by watching the news reports.

We’re at 9″ already and it’s still coming down pretty good. Rumor has it the snow will stop in the next 3-4 hours, though. At the moment, though, it looks like we’re in a snowglobe that’s just gotten a good shaking by someone with anger issues.

I looked out the window a few minutes ago. Car’s buried up to its bumper, thanks to drifting in the parking lot. So that’ll be fun for later. But for now, I’m crawling back under the covers with the cat to wait it all out and rest up for some snowshoeing later. (Yay!)

Happy Repeal Day!

Friday, December 5th, 2008 | General | 1 Comment

Ha! In your face, prohibitionists.

Cocktails all around!

I’ll be celebrating by visiting the brand-spankin’ new Great Lakes Distillery facility down in Walker’s Point and then heading out to the Irish Fest Christmas party.


Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008 | Bloggity goodness | No Comments

Sorry, folks. A couple of the newest comments accidentally got nuked while I was cleaning out a copious amount of spam. Sorry if your latest comment was among them. Adjusting spam filters now.

Not dead yet.

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008 | Life in Czeltistan | No Comments

Really. I’m just a very, very lazy blogger. I’ve got stuff for you. I just haven’t had the time to post it. (And in the downtime I have had in the last two weeks, I have had little enthusiasm to post. Must have more downtime, says brain.)

Soon. I promise.