And speaking of 1000

Wednesday, August 31st, 2005 | Bloggity goodness, Life in Czeltistan

My pre-1000th post conversation with m@:

CG: Ooh. One post away from 1000. I’d better come up with something good.

m@: ooh, then you can go into syndication and retire…oh wait, you’re not a tv show

CG: But I could be.

m@: oh so true. of course you’d be a Joss Whedon creation.

CG: And I’d be cancelled almost immediately by Fox.

m@: but your fans would rally. and you’d live forever on the internet—where you already are, so why bother?

CG: Laziness pays off once again!

m@: there. you’re a successful cult tv show without all the problems of ever actually appearing on tv

CG: Hooray!

m@: can i have your autograph?

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