Oh noes! Call FEMA!

Thursday, September 15th, 2005 | Screed!, You Call This News?

Headline on Yahoo: “Katrina a challenge for Emmy Awards broadcast”

Dear Emmy Awards people,
The folks down on the Gulf Coast are a little busy with other things right now, so I’ll step in and speak on their behalf: Get over yourselves. Seriously. Just shut the fuck up and do your little TV show. Not everything is about you. You have to figure out how to keep your show light and fluffy in the wake of a disaster? How horrible for you all! I hope the rest of the country can someday appreciate the magnitude of the sacrifice you must now make.

You asshats.

(Looks like BB beat me to the punch yesterday with a link to a similar story over at Defamer.)

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D Bunny

Amen, sistah!

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