Dear NBA players: STFU

Friday, October 21st, 2005 | Again with the hockey, You Call This News?

Is anyone else besides me sick of the NBA players whining about the new dress code? Oh, waaaahhh. You poor things have to dress up when you’re going to official functions or when you’re in attendance for a game but not suited up to play. How horrible for you!! How ever will you survive?? You’ll just have to wear your street clothes and all your bling on your own time… just like most everyone else who has a job. Get over it, you sissies. If this is the biggest issue in your lives, you clearly don’t have enough problems to deal with. I bet we could find some truly burdened people who could share some of theirs. Hell, you can even have some of mine. They’re relatively minor, but they’re still more bother than “when do I have to dress up?”

See — this is another reason to like hockey. Hockey players have been dressing up for official events for years and you don’t hear them holding press conferences to whine. Actually, it’s kind of classy to see guys in suits wandering around the arena. Plus it makes it much easier to play a game of “spot the evening’s scratches,” which is always entertaining.

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I read a news story about this and just had to weep — WEEP, I tell you — for the poor millionaire players who require a clothing budget from the league because, after paying for the mansion, the pool, the sports car, the SUV, the bling ring, and the private jet to vacation in Cancun, they can’t swing the $500 at Men’s Warehouse, much less $2000 for a tailor made suit (for those of unusual dimensions). Oh, the humanity!

What would these guys do if they had real jobs?

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