A little tired today, but it was worth it

Thursday, December 5th, 2002 | General

The last couple of days at work have been pretty insane for me (you’ll notice the lack of decent entries here), so I needed a good night out to de-stress myself. Went out last night to Gil’s with the new squeeze (oh, hell — let’s make this easier on everyone. His name’s Jon, ok?) to see the Roger Wallace Band and get some yummy food. (Mmm. BLT. Gil’s has the BEST bacon. I won’t bore you with tales of my love of bacon. Suffice it to say that it’s second only to my love of toast.)

I’d only heard a couple of the band’s songs on the radio and knew they were a honky-tonk outfit from Austin, TX, but otherwise didn’t know much about them. Those of you who know me know that I don’t usually frequent country shows, but man, these guys were good. I’m really glad I went. The songs were good, the musicians were great and Roger Wallace’s voice… wow. That boy can sing. I am definitely catching their act if they come through again. And it was doubly nice that Gil’s is a small venue. Got a little band/audience interaction going. It was a very relaxed little show. Stayed up a little later than I should have and had a bit more beer than was probably called for on a school night, but it was so worth it. Much fun (and very good company).

Now I’ve just got to get through the work day today and I’m good until Tuesday. Taking tomorrow off to go down to a party with Christyl’s coworkers in Chicago. Might also stop in and hang out with Jon for a bit of his radio show (WMSE’s Chicken Shack. Check it out if you’ve got streaming audio. Friday morning 9-noon CST).

Monday’s day off will be spent making Christmas cookies with Mom. I’ve convinced her she needs to play hookey from school for a day so we can bake up some treats. Mmm. Cookies.

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