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Tuesday, December 10th, 2002 | General

Saw a bunch of movies n’ such this weekend. Lots of time in front of the TV watching DVDs, mostly, but we did go check out Standing in the Shadows of Motown. If it comes near you and you have any interest whatsoever in Motown’s Detroit era, go check it out. You’ll thank me later. (Actually, you’ll thank Jon later. I didn’t even know this film existed. Hell, I didn’t even know the Funk Brothers — the musicians who played on just about every big Motown song you can think of — existed.) Great, great film (though a little less Joan Osborne — or, in fact, complete removal of Joan Osborne — would have helped it out a bit). These guys tell some amazing stories and some of the footage in the film is priceless.

(jonmc — you especially will love this film. Doesn’t look like it’s playing anywhere in CT, but it’s at LCE State and Village East Cinemas in NYC.)

I’m also now hopelessly addicted to Cowboy Bebop. Dammit. Like I needed something else to watch. Looks like a movie is supposed to be released early next year, too.

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