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Monday, January 2nd, 2006 | Life in Czeltistan

Happy new year, all. Hope your holiday-type season was lovely, however you chose to spend it, and that the great Year-End Fairy was good to you. I had a lovely week off, some holiday festivity, a great hockey game or two and some fine relaxation. I also saw a swell flick about a monkey, which I enjoyed quite a bit, even though a) the first half of the film contained no monkey whatsoever and b) the monkey died because people suck thoroughly and shot at the poor beastie while he was enjoying a fabulous view of the Manhattan skyline. It’s ok — he took down a few of the planes before he fell (which, naturally, made me cheer). And the set designers made me smile and do a little happy dance ‘coz they included an Automat and I am obsessed with the Automat.

Spent some quality time with The Boy (henceforth known as R, as “The Boy” is much longer to type and I’m feeling lazy this year), including New Year’s Eve, some photos of which can be found in my Flickr pix. I was even the dutiful girlfriend and trekked along to Bradford Beach yesterday to watch R fling himself into the lake. Mind you, if I were a more awake and less hungover girlfriend, I’d have thought to check the batteries in the camera before we left the house on the way to the whole Polar Bear thing and before I made the poor guy run into the lake twice in an attempt to get photographic proof. Ah well. I can vouch for him actually taking the plunge, which is more than I can say for myself. Lake Michigan’s too cold to go into in summer. Not a chance in hell I’m doing it in January, even if it is a balmy 36 degrees outside.

I got a little wet in the cold rain today, though. Does that count? Yeah. Didn’t think so.

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I don’t get this whole Polar Bear thing. It’s one of those “Just to prove I can” things, isn’t it? Personally, suffering agonies just to prove I can, even as a social activity, makes no sense to me. I’m for staring from the shore, sheltered in a good coat.

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