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Friday, January 6th, 2006 | Life in Czeltistan, Tunes!

Thanks to Johnny Mack for the heads up that I’m — once again — in the MKE Blog of the Week poll. Maybe this time I won’t lose out to a chicken wing rating site (but will, instead, lose out to a proper blogger. hee hee).

So welcome to those of you who stumbled over from MKE. Feel free to have a look around. Kick the tires a little. And please do check out the folks whose fine blogs are listed over on the right. There’s some good stuff to be found there.

And as long as there are more locals than usual visiting, this seems as good a time as any to mention that there’s wonderful music news these days: For those of you who haven’t heard yet, Blue in the Face and The Yell Leaders will be doing a reunion show at Shank Hall on the 28th of this month with John Sieger opening. Extra bonus: A 10-track CD of some of Blue in the Face’s unreleased (or released on vinyl) material will be available at the show. Extra extra bonus for those of us with allergies: It’s a smoke-free show. (This makes me very happy at the moment, as I’m nursing a sinus headache courtesy of the smokers sitting next to us at the pub last night.)

To say I’m excited about this show is a bit of an understatement. I’ve pretty much been doing a little happy dance and counting the days ’til the show since I found out. I saw BITF about 100 times during their 4-year run. (Not an exaggeration. I used to know the exact count, but I’ve forgotten it and I’m too lazy to go dig out the mailers they used to send out so I can figure it out again.) I cannot wait to see them play again. If you’re around on the 28th and looking for something fun to do, swing by Shank and check ‘em out. You can’t beat the evening’s lineup in terms of catchy, entertaining music. And for those of us who frequented the bands’ shows the first time around, it’ll be great to see everyone again. Lots of catching up to do. Can’t hardly wait.

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Good luck in the contest. You have a very nice blog. Mine is a little different style. If the voters like bitching, they will like my blog…

czeltic girl

Oh, like they won’t get that here. ;)

Wait. I haven’t had a good screed in awhile. Something must be wrong.

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