Tired and sore, but functioning well

Monday, January 9th, 2006 | Design-y Bits, Life in Czeltistan

Just had my first physical therapy appointment. It was supposed to be to make sure everything was functioning normally with my wrist. Turns out the wrist is fine, just a few minor stiff spots that are mostly now worked out. But as long as I’ve got the next three visits scheduled, she’s gonna try to fix my rotator cuff tendonitis. (Yay for the potential for no more shoulder pain!) Several things went pop during today’s visit and it feels like my poor right arm and shoulder have been loading hay bales all day, but I’m going to take that as a sign that good changes are afoot.

In other news, coworker Tim had his design for the Silent Hill movie poster contest chosen as one of the finalists. Go vote for him. You can vote once a day until noon on Jan. 17th.

Coincidentally, the 17th is also the last day to take advantage of Midwest Airlines’ latest sale. Why must they taunt me with fare sales when I am still recovering from bills from my last vacation and the holidays? So cruel. I am seriously contemplating another visit to NYC, though, and finding a fare less than $200 is sorely tempting. Decisions, decisions.

And as long as I’m just rambling here, two more things:
1) Many congrats to m@ (aka The Republic of Czeltistan’s favorite internet host). He told me this morning that his sweetie’s moving out to Denver to be with him. (Look how cute they are. Awww.) Wait — does this mean you’re not Internet Husband any more? I’m being replaced by an actual real-world girl? ;) Good for you. I wish you both many good things.

2) Regarding the Blue in the Face show: HD folks, if you’re not familiar with BITF, you can find most of their stuff on my iTunes, in the Badger Bandstand playlist. Listen. Enjoy. Come to the show.

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You know you’ve got a place to stay in NYC…

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