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Thursday, January 19th, 2006 | Screed!

Midwestgrrl’s got a lovely anti-phone rant posted. I, too, really dislike the phone. I hardly ever use the one at my desk at work (in fact, it sits behind me so I don’t even have to look at it) and I’d just as soon not use the one at home either, unless I need to. I’ve managed to make it without a cell phone so far, though I fear I may need to get one at some point. (Doesn’t mean I have to have it on, though. So essentially, I would be getting a portable voicemail retriever.)

And, like Midwestgrrl, I am a HUGE fan of communication through email. It’s so much less intrusive than phones. Phones demand immediate attention when they ring (especially at work, where failing to answer your phone by the third ring usually results in getting paged), whereas email just waits patiently for you to get around to it. Oh, sure, it’s crap for emergencies, but for everything else, it’s just fine. (911 email would be a terrible idea: )

Date: 1/19/06 1:15pm
Subject: I’m having a heart attack
Please hurry

Date: 1/19/06 1:45pm
Subject: I’m having a heart attack

Date: 1/19/06 4:45pm
Subject: Re: I’m having a heart attack
Hey. Sorry. We were away from the computer for awhile. You still there?


Update: Steelbuddha weighs in on the subject, too. Also, lest anyone think that I will sit around coming up with new curses for a caller, should anyone call me, that’s not it at all. I mostly reserve my scorn for people who call for a) no particular reason, b) to tell me something they’ve just sent me in an email (or — worse yet, though growing more frequent — to tell me they’ve just sent me an email) or c) to sell me something. People who call with actual news or scheduling concerns or just to quickly say hi are exempt from the seething.

I think what upsets me most about the phone is that people have forgotten what used to be basic manners: Asking if you’re interrupting anything, keeping the conversation brief and to the point, and not just calling about random things simply because you have the technology to do so. (And don’t even get me started on the rudeness of certain cell phone users in public places.)

Ok. I’m done now.

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