A truce in the armrest wars

Tuesday, February 7th, 2006 | You Call This News?

I wholeheartedly endorse these new travel rules, although I think he’s not being harsh enough for #7.

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He forgot the one about disabling the “recline” button of all seats if there is not a MINIMUM of 40 inches between the seats. I once spent a flight kicking the back of the seat in front of me in economy because bozobrain reclined right after takeoff and I couldn’t even drop down my tray because it couldn’t swing down without hitting me in the tits (and they ain’t that damn big) much less rest open.

Grrrr. I would gladly surrender my plastic wings.


Worth the extra money to fly first class. I agree with #7 with the rejoinder that I get to throw a cross body block on some of those dumbass monitor gazers.

czeltic girl

Oh, no kidding. Is it really necessary to stand right in the middle of the walkway when looking at those things? I’d also like to be able to hipcheck anyone crossing the walkways (coming out of a store or the restroom or what have you) who stops dead in the middle of traffic for no apparent reason.


Sherri, get yourself a Knee Defender

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