What can you get for $39?

Monday, March 6th, 2006 | Fun With Teh Intarweb

Tom Locke had a great idea — use 100 stamps to send letters to 100 companies, asking for free samples. And with that, The $39 Experiment was born.

I’m not surprised most companies either blew him off or rejected him. I’m sure they get zillions of requests for freebies every day. But I notice local favorite Carmex came through for him. Cheeseheads are generous that way. (That, and even though they deny it, they know Carmex is ridiculously addictive. He’ll buy more once he uses it for awhile.)

I’m going to have to seethe with jealousy if Lush sends him anything. Man, do I love their stuff.

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Pete Prodoehl

The stamp must make the difference. I’ve tried with email (just one company, not 39) and got a “Thank you for loving our product, we have nothing for you.” in return. :(

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