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Thursday, March 9th, 2006 | Life in Czeltistan

I’m not really a parade person. I find watching them kind of dull.

I am, however, kind of a sucker for volunteering to help out with Irish Fest things. (See previous achievement of choosing to be confined to one booth on the grounds for 36+ hours.) So, when the PR folks announced at Tuesday’s Irish Fest meeting that they needed people to participate in the St. Pat’s parade as part of some trinket giveaway thing, I actually volunteered to help.

Bonuses: I get one of said trinkets; it’s good exercise; it’s supposed to be 53 degrees on Saturday; I don’t actually have to meet up with the group until 11:15 am, so I can kind of sleep in.

Downsides: It’s supposed to rain. With scattered thunderstorms. *sigh* “Scattered” usually indicates “directly overhead” where I’m concerned.

I have no idea what exactly I’m doing in the parade, but if you’re planning to go watch the downtown parade (as opposed to the one out on Bluemound Rd.), say hi and wave if you see me. Maybe I’ll have a trinket for you. (Then again, maybe not. I really have no idea.)

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