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Monday, March 13th, 2006 | Life in Czeltistan

The parade was fun on Saturday and we finished the route and made it back to the pub just as the rain was starting. (Yay, Team Irish Fest! Good timing.) The trinket we handed out was a “Magic Blarney Ball” (aka Magic 8 Ball, but in green and with the Irish Fest logo). People had to kind of humiliate themselves to get one (mostly we made them dance), but the giveaways went over big. Unfortunately, we only had about 100 to hand out. It was hard not to give them to everyone who wanted one. I suggested that next year, we do beads a la some of the bigger Mardi Gras parades — the ones with little charms on them. Everyone loves the beads and we can throw them out to tons more people.

Sunday was spent running errands, making a quick stop in at Mom’s to get some tax docs (and so she could make my head all spinny with financial advice), then dinner & watchin’ movies with R. Was very relaxing up until the drive home. Thunderstorms + driving rain + freeway construction + night = one huge hidden flooded area I didn’t see until I hit it. I seriously thought the car was going to stall and I’d be slammed into by the SUV barrelling down on me. Luckily, the car made it through ok. (Yay, Camry!) I was sooooo happy I wasn’t driving a shorter car. I’d have stalled for sure. Gave the car in the lane next to me a helluva shower. I even managed to take a few seconds out of my own panic to hope that that guy wouldn’t be blinded by the water and drive into the barriers at the edge of the turn we were in. (He was ok.) Suffice it to say, both he & I drove a bit slower through the rest of the construction. (40 suddenly seemed like a fine, fine freeway speed.)

I always wondered how people could get stuck in freeway flooding. I get it now. (Though I still don’t get how people do it when it’s light out.)

And then there’s this week. It’s not going terribly well so far. Had some computer issues when I came in (always a fun way to start the week) and then I got an email from a friend of mine telling me that her mother had died on Saturday. She’d been sick for the better part of a year with Lou Gehrig’s disease, so it wasn’t completely unexpected, but it’s still very sad. It also means that I’ll be attending two funerals this week — one Wednesday for Janeen and one Thursday for my friend’s mother. How depressing.

Speaking of Janeen, I got more information for anyone wishing to make a donation to the Cancer Institute. I’d post it here, but it requires that you include her brother’s name and address, and I’d rather not post his address here. If you’d like that information, shoot me an email and I’ll get it to you.

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