Things I learned this weekend

Monday, May 8th, 2006 | Again with the hockey, Life in Czeltistan

1) I really like watching my local hockey team crush another team 7-0 during the playoffs and it’s all sorts of fun to be able to sing the “great big sieve” song for two different goalies during the same game.

2) Going out shopping for baby items (for the niecephew and a friend’s baby — don’t anyone go getting all excited) results in a side trip to a liquor store. Apparently I’m unable to spend more than 2 minutes in the baby section, looking at all that schmaltzy pink and blue cuddly crap, without thinking “I really should pick up some booze, too.”

3) There is not nearly enough baby stuff with monkeys on it. Nor can you find anything in black. Tch. Lame.

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cool baby stuff:

Sara O.

Baby stuff and monkeys? Try: Under the search option, type in “monkey.” They’ve got five wall decorations for a nursery with monkeys on ‘em.


No black goth gear for babies? That’s a shame. It would drive anyone to drink.


My girlfriend knows where to get zombie baby supplies — we have cool parenting friends — but I don’t.

czeltic girl

Ok. In order:
1) I’ve already gotten the kid some wrybaby stuff.
2) My sis-in-law would never (ever) let me decorate the walls in the nursery, so while the monkey decals are cool, they’re sadly quite useless to me.
3) Not goth stuff, Bren. Just some basic black for some street cred (and to hide drool)
4) Ooh. Zombie baby. Want. Get MHG to pass on her sources.

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