Chalk up another one for irony

Tuesday, June 6th, 2006 | Life in Czeltistan

My drive into work takes me down Lincoln Memorial Dr. (Yes, I know. It’s rough having to drive along the lakefront every day.) In the past, the speed limit along Lincoln Memorial was 35 mph in winter and 25 in summer when pedestrian traffic increases. At some point this year, they decided to just call it a draw and go with 30 mph year-round. Seems like a good idea, since 25 is a completely irritatingly slow speed and 30 (0r the 35 that most everyone does) is still slow enough to keep a watch on pedestrian traffic. And, as far as I’m concerned, there’s no real reason to go 50, like most drivers would seem to prefer. Enjoy the view, folks. It’s a short road. You’re only losing a minute or two of your commute time and you’re providing a safer environment for people who like to hang out at our lovely lakefront parks and beaches. Besides, there’s a really good chance there’s a speed trap sitting just around that next corner. LMD is easy pickin’.

So anyhow… I’m driving in to work this morning, doing the 35 mph at which traffic is moving along, and this car comes zipping up behind me. He’s clearly in a hurry and can’t be arsed to pay attention to such trivial matters as speed limits and pedestrians. He does that irritating speed up/fall back/speed up/fall back thing and occasionally speeds up and pulls slightly to the side, like he’s considering passing me in the parking lane. (There was really nowhere for him to go, as there were two cars in front of me, but this was apparently another of those trivial matters he didn’t care about.) When I finally got a chance to move into the left lane, he speeds up past me and gives me the finger. (wtf?) As he passes to tailgate the next guy, I see his bumper sticker. It reads, “Practice random acts of kindness.”

Clearly he’s bought the car used.

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