Wednesday, June 7th, 2006 | Life in Czeltistan

Sorry for the lack of postings. The last week or so has just been a blur. The new job duties started last week. Between the learning curve and being out 2 afternoons for training and one morning for an impromptu doc visit (I’m fine now, thanks), I managed to fall a bit behind last week. I think I’m all caught up as of today. (Oh, crap, no I’m not. I’ve got a purchase order to do. Then I’m caught up.) I’m starting to get the hang of things, though, which is good. Liking it quite a bit, as well.

Spent last weekend mostly watching sports. The Admirals had Friday and Saturday night games (one win, one loss). They’ll move on to 3 games in Hershey. (That is, if Hershey would hurry up and finish letting every high school in the area use their arena for graduation. Sheesh — a week between games??) Christyl & I also caught the first Bombers home game of the season (well, exhibition game) against the Toronto Kangaroos. Poor Kangaroos. They took quite a beating. Final score was 118 to 16. (Don’t ask for the breakdown. I can’t remember.) Excellent day for a game, though. Couldn’t beat the weather. Too bad we didn’t have the time to stay for the team BBQ. Maybe next game (which, incidentally, is this Saturday against Chicago).

The exception to the sporting events last weekend was my friend Kim’s baby shower. (Ha! Now that it’s over, Kim, I can say “baby” all I want with no penalties.) Ooh — and we should put this to a poll. They’re still undecided on their son’s name (he’s due in July). Juan is leaning toward naming the baby after himself (so, “Juan Diego”) and Kim is leaning toward “Mateo.” I’m with Kim (sorry, Juan). Anyone wanna take sides? There’s no prize in it, other than bragging rights if you choose the name they do. Oh, wait! Stop the presses! I just found a compromise: Mateo Diego. That way, all 3 of his names can end in “o”. Just think of how much he’ll love that. (No? Ok. I’ll stop now.)

Anyhow… And then yesterday was packed full o’ stuff. Had a vet visit in the morning (Norm’s fine. She just needed a booster shot.), then a half day of work, and an Irish Fest meeting at night. In between work and the meeting was Mom’s retirement party. (Why the school thinks 3:30 pm on a Tuesday is a good time to hold a party to which retirees’ friends and family are invited is beyond me, but they do.) They held it at the Cedarburg Cultural Center. There was a little send-off skit for the retirees, appetizers and punch, a little slideshow and some speeches. I think Mom would have been ok with a handshake and her retirement gift, skip the fanfare thankyouverymuch, but after 28 years at the school (and between 30-35 total years of teaching), 3 more hours weren’t going to kill her and she deserved all the fanfare they were willing to heap on her. The skit could have been a little shorter, but overall it was a nice little shindig and the retirees all looked mighty eager to start in on their days of no more school. (And really, when you’ve pretty much been in a school environment since you were 5 and now you’re at retirement age, who wouldn’t?)

So tonight is couch night. I’m tired and need a night with the TV and kitties. Maybe a little walk first to get some fresh air.

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Suggestion for the evening, unless you’re burned out on sports: The Heat-Mavericks finals. I tell you, I’ve never been a basketball fan, but the Heat turned me into one. Glad things are settling down for ya.

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