Friday, June 16th, 2006 | Again with the hockey

Congrats to the Hershey Bears on their Calder Cup victory last night. Wish it could have been the Admirals holding up that cup instead, but whatcha gonna do? Making it to game 6 of the finals is no small feat. The Ads should be proud of themselves. (And ending the season in mid-June is sooooo much better than ending it in April.)

So now I wander about, slightly confused for a few weeks, wondering what to do without hockey. And then Irish Fest prep and the festival itself hits. And then fall comes (and I do so enjoy when it’s fall and not summer any more). And then, before you know it, it’s hockey season again. (Hooray!)

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Why are they the Hershey Bears, when clearly they could have been the far superior Hershey Bars?

czeltic girl

They were the Hershey B’ars. The league made them change their name ‘coz it was pretty much just blatant advertising.

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