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Thursday, January 2nd, 2003 | General

Hello, all. I’m back and I’m happy to report that 2002 ended well and 2003 is off to a fine start. I hope you all had a lovely holiday. My holidays were all quite nice, if not completely tiring. They really should give you a longer period of time in which to celebrate both days of Christmas, Festivus and New Year’s. (Hell — the two days’ worth of Christmas alone should be given a week or so.) It’s especially difficult not to get exhausted if you throw in a couple of hockey games and go to see a band or two during the holiday week. But anyhow…

Santa was very, very good to the kitty cats and me this year. Much good loot was delivered. The cookie gods were also quite kind, though I’d like to have a word with them about developing some calorie-free cookies that still have the same fabulous taste. I know they can do it, they’re just choosing not to. It’s some racket they’ve got going with the health club folks, I think.

I didn’t bother with any new year’s resolutions. I think I resolved not to make any more of them one year, and I intend to keep that resolution. (Kind of like the year when I gave up “giving up things for Lent” for Lent. Worked out nicely, that one. I think that was the year before I gave up Catholicism.) I’ll make changes on my own time, thanks. Right now, I’ve got a “Kim and Juan’s wedding” resolution to accomplish by April (namely, losing a little weight and finding a decent fare out to San Fran).

Didn’t get a chance to talk to either of the Kims when they were home (Kim Z — did you get your oplatki?), but I did get a call from my buddy Rob in Austin. Haven’t really talked to him much since I was down there for SXSW in 2000, so it was nice to catch up. Turns out his band, Nathan Hamilton and No Deal, will be coming up to these parts some time in Spring. (That’s Rob in back on the drums in the photo, by the way.) Gonna have to catch them on their way through.

Got a chance to meet Jon’s folks just before the holidays, too. Went out to Madison to see a concert their band put on. Always a little nerve-wracking, meeting the boyfriend’s folks for the first time, but they were super nice and very welcoming. (Guess I should have figured that, since their kid’s so cool, eh?)

Spent New Year’s Eve with my brother and sister-in-law. Good party, much fun, no real hangover the next day. A fine way to end one year and start the next one.

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