Linus can fly. We hope.

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006 | Bloggity goodness, You Call This News?

My friend Linus is doing a parachute jump to benefit Amnesty International.

Per Linus:

I’m doing a sponsored parachute jump in aid of Amnesty International. The theory, sound as it is, is that I will break both my legs landing, so that someone in a repressive regime doesn’t get one broken deliberately.

It’s a good cause, really, I think. This is the website, and if you feel like donating there is a credit card yoke, so you people I know who don’t even live in the country have no excuse. NONE. Apart from loathing me.

But I’d really appreciate it. And more than that, it’d be doing something to help make the world a tiny bit better. Or a lot better if the chute doesn’t open.

If you’ve got a couple spare dineros laying around, please consider donating. It’s a good cause. And someone gets to shove Linus out of a plane. (Though I don’t think any of us will, even if we fork over quite a bit of dosh.)

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You just got one of my rare emoticons. Thanks Annie!

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