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Monday, October 2nd, 2006 | Life in Czeltistan

I’m sure I meant to add more to this. But last week’s knowledge has been wiped from the brain, so this is all you get.

Notes from a DC trip:

  1. Within 30 seconds of entering the Metro station, I was already asked for subway help. Got asked for directions a lot last week. Guess I don’t look like a tourist in DC (though you’d think the camera would be some kind of giveaway). Only got stumped by one person, who asked a cross street for a specific address on Connecticut.
  2. Overheard on the Metro ride into town. One passenger was telling another about her Indian friend who was going to school here: “It wasn’t a religion class or anything. It was a mythology class. And she was upset because to her, this wasn’t myth. This was real.”

    Oh, sweetie. All mythologies are someone’s religion. That’s why the main characters in myths are called “gods.” The sooner everyone wises up to this, the sooner we can maybe quit shooting at each other over the stories.

  3. Conrad Hilton’s book is in the drawer with the bible in his chain’s hotel rooms. There is no chapter entitled “My daughter, the embarrassing slut.” Guess he doesn’t want to advertise that too much.
  4. Heather Brewery in Scotland makes a beer called “Kelpie Seaweed Ale.” It was worth every last penny of the $12 I paid for the bottle of it. (But let’s not make a habit of charging $12/bottle, shall we?) It may possibly be my favorite beer. (Sorry, Smithwicks. I still love you, but… but… Kelpie is just so good.)
  5. DC has changed a lot since I was last there in 2000. At least downtown has. I half expected to get searched every time I opened a door. I guess having someone fly a plane into a building that close to the country’s leader will do that, but still. Also — when did the Hecht’s become a Macy’s? So disappointing. And when did Rosslyn get so darned tall?
  6. On the plus side, the new WWII memorial and American Indian museum that sprang up since my last visit are both wonderful. Really. If you’re in town, make sure you check them out, especially the museum.
  7. Many thanks again to Cate and Bob for coming out to play on Friday. I know you two had to do a bit of chasing around to come out and play — and Cate, you did it with a nasty bout of bronchitis — but it was so fantastic to see you both.

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Great to see you too! Nasty bronchitis is only just clearing up, but at least it IS clearing up! And YES Rosslyn is too tall and so are a whole lot of other parts of Arlington, but hey, that’s another rant…

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