Good and bad

Saturday, October 7th, 2006 | Again with the hockey, Life in Czeltistan

On the plus side, hockey season here in Milwaukee starts Saturday night. I’ve given the new uniforms a few months and I still have to give the logo a resounding thumbs down. I’m good with the rest of the jersey (ok, except maybe the font, which sucks, too), but the logo is just sad. I’m excited about the hockey itself, though. Seems like forever since the playoffs and I can’t wait for the opening faceoff. Lots of new kids in the lineup this year, and I’m optimistic about how they’ll do.

On the down side, honorary citizens of Czeltistan, your exalted ruler is no longer part of a couple. I guess it wasn’t much of a surprise on either side, but it still sucks. Somehow I knew this month’s full moon was really, really going to bite. And guess what? It did. A zillion thanks to Miz Christyl for being around for clean-up. And congrats, you’ve got your spot back as my date to parties (including the HD holiday party). But you’re still not gettin’ a kiss.

And again on the plus side, friend, Irish Fest buddy and favorite bartender, Tim’s, father had double bypass surgery and a valve replacement Friday and came through with flying colors. So at least there was a bright spot in the day. Get well soon, Dick. Glad to hear everything went smoothly.

Ok. So it’s bedtime for me, internets. Posting’s either going to be very sparse or very intense next week. Guess I’ll figure that out after a night or two of sleeping on an otherwise craptastic week.

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How could anyone let you go? I pity the fool!


Now we know what the “T” in “Mr. T” stands for — it’s Mister Tizzie!

Sorry to hear you’re having a crappy week. Feel better and do what you need to do.

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