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Monday, January 6th, 2003 | General

Well, now I’ve lost my train of thought. There I was, happily blogging along, when my client called with important stuff that needed to be done before morning. Bills need to be paid, so the client work won out over goofing off. Now I just have to remember what I was going to write.

Had a very good weekend. Hope you all had the same. It’s always good to start a new year off with a nice weekend.

Went to go see Catch Me if You Can on Friday. Even though Leonardo DiCaprio makes my skin crawl, I’m gonna have to give this one a thumbs up. Much fun. Go see it if you haven’t already.

Fun trivia: The real Frank Abagnale — DiCaprio’s character in the film — makes an appearance as a French policeman. Here’s a photo of him in case you want to do any spotting while you watch. (Oh, don’t worry. I didn’t spoil anything for you. The whole thing is done in flashback. You’ll see policemen right at the beginning.)

Spent Saturday watching a miserable Packers game (we’re not even going to talk about it) and then heading off to drown my sorrows and watch one of Jon’s bands dubut their new lineup. (I would link to their site, but it is in dire need of updating and I should give them a chance to be all up-to-date and sparkly for you. Watch the links in the right sidebar, though. It’ll show up eventually.) Spent Sunday lounging, having a nice brunch, doing a little shopping and watching some TV. All good and relaxing. There should be more weekends like this one. Oh, sure — eventually I’ll need to get some stuff done around my apartment and maybe get some groceries, but the goofing-off weekends are just soooo much better. Don’t you agree? Thought so.

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