The weekend looms large

Friday, November 3rd, 2006 | Life in Czeltistan, Screed!

I’m taking the afternoon off work. Been a bit slow this week, I’ve got some vacation time left to use up, and Pres. Clinton’s in town this afternoon, stumpin’ for our governor. Kind of excited to go see him, as I’ve never seen him speak live before. I’m also hoping it’ll kind of ease the pain of missing the Barack Obama event earlier this week (at which Flickr buddy Devi got some lovely shots). And then later tonight, there’s hockey, which will be a welcome respite from all the political nonsense of late. Hooray!

So the weekend’s off to a good start, anyhow.

Saturday evening is my niece’s baptism. Being the good auntie that I am, I’ll be attending the baptism. Won’t so much the mass beforehand, though. There’s really only so much Catholic nonsense one can be expected to put up with in one day. My brother suggested I don’t stand too close to the baby during the baptism. Guess he’s worried about the holy water being kind of a natural conduit once the lightning is through with me. New parents. So overprotective.

Other than that, I’m still working out my plans. They claim it will be nice on Sunday, which could lead to some letterboxing, or possibly just a lovely day for a walk. I’ll believe it when I see it, though. With my luck, it’ll rain all day and then be absolutely beautiful just in time for the work week to start on Monday.

Next weekend will be busy, though. Seems like there are just too many events going on, and all of them good. Miz Christyl and I will be attending an event at Flux Design for Second Harvest on Friday. Seemed like a no-brainer: The price was right, the cause was good, and I’ve always wanted to see Flux’s studio space. Also, hello — wine.

Now to just figure out how to divide up my time for all the other fun things happening that weekend.

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As a convert to Catholicism, I would be interested in learning what you consider to be “catholic nonsense.”


czeltic girl

It’s not necessarily just “Catholic nonsense.” I meant to say “organized religion nonsense.” I don’t happen to think any one of them is any better than any other and I think they’re all somewhat dangerous and to varying degrees, hateful. I have lots and lots of issues with organized religion. Far too many to go into here.

The Catholic church is just irritating me most lately because they’ve been most in-my-face with intollerance where gays are concerned. I can’t get behind any religion that instantly damns so many of my friends, colleagues and neighbors for who those people fall in love with. And that goes for any other church who feels the same way.

Now bear in mind that my dislike is strictly with the churches themselves, not with individual members of the religions, nor with spirituality itself. For the most part, I find religious individuals to be decent people. But the ones who blindly follow exclusionary teachings (whether it be toward gays, women, members of other religion, science or whatever) and the churches who teach those findings are just plain scary and I want nothing to do with them.

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