It’s like I wrote it myself

Monday, November 6th, 2006 | Life in Czeltistan

A friend of mine sent me this today:

Aine – (AN-yuh) Ireland; a woman of the Leanan Sidhe (Sweetheart of the Sidhe). Some said she was the daughter of Manannan, some said she was the Morrigan herself. There was a stone, Cathair Aine, belonging to her and if anyone sat on the stone, they would be in danger of losing their wits, sit three times and they would lose them forever. Aine was very revengeful, and it was not a safe thing to offend her.”

Now I have to find that stone…

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The rock is covered with a moss that gives a really itchy rash. You should see what happens if you sit on it four times. At least, that’s what I heard…

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