Notes from a long holiday vacation

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007 | Life in Czeltistan

A coworker and I were discussing the 10 days off we had between Dec. 22 and today. (Technically the studio was open last Wednesday and Thursday, but the smart ones among us reserve a couple extra vacation days and just take the whole week off.) He said it was nice to be away. I said it would nice to still be away, at which point he asked “Yes, but when does a long vacation become too long?” My reply was “when it ceases to be time off and becomes unemployment.”

Know what I did with my 10 days? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. One of the days, I didn’t even bother to get out of my pajamas. I’m not sure it would have been possible to be more cat-like that day, in fact.

Oh, ok. I did actually do holiday-related things, like traveling to the parents’ houses and exchanging gifts and whatnot. And New Year’s Eve included several champagne toasts for different time zones. I even did a few things on non-holiday days.

Christyl, one of her firm’s partners and his wife and I went to see the Biedermeier exhibit at the Art Museum, with a quick stop after to visit the 20th Century furnishings area and the Saul Leiter photographs exhibit. The Biedermeier exhibit was very nice, but not so much my taste. I left the Leiter room, though, wondering if the MAM would notice if maybe a photo or two went missing. His work was absolutely lovely. I’d never heard of him before the exhibit opened, but I’m definitely going to look into his work. He has a way of making mundane street scenes utterly fascinating. Christyl remarked, “These are the kind of photos you could look at all day and still find something new in.” Agreed.

And yesterday I decided to forego the bowl games and check out the new Samson exhibit at the Public Museum. It’s really done quite well. Lots of memorabilia from Samson’s days at the zoo and from other well-known apes, but the centerpiece of the exhibit is a life-size taxidermic recreation of Samson that is being built during the run of the exhibit (here’s a shot of the progress so far). There were decent crowds there yesterday, due to the holiday coiniciding with the weekly free admission for county residents, but I was still able to spend about 1/2 hour listening to and talking with the taxidermist doing the work and to Samson’s keeper, who now works for the Museum. If you’re in the area, definitely stop by and check it out. Even if you didn’t know Samson, it’s extremely interesting to learn how the replica is being made and see the progress and to talk to someone who spent so much time caring for a silverback ape. (And if you were familiar with Samson, make sure you check out the video. There’s a segment in it showing Samson and Sambo when they were first brought to the zoo. They’re all of about 15 pounds in the film. Hard to believe he was ever that small.)

Other little observations from the week:

  • I’m sure it would cut into NBC, TNT, USA and Bravo’s revenue a bit, but wouldn’t it just be easier to have a 24-hour Law & Order channel? I mean, it’s on all the time anyhow. Might as well put it all in one place.
  • A radio ad I heard for a new local restaurant mentioned that the restaurant featured “exotic taste pairings,” which my brain instantly followed with “such as Froot Loops and gravy.” I’m not sure if I should find this problematic or not.
  • 10 days away from the office and either the never-ending piles of food that appear in the kitchen there = a 5-pound-lighter Czelt. Now let’s see if I can keep that weight off. (And only about 20-30 more pounds to go. *sigh* Mind you, I have no intention of going back to my high school/college weight, which would require about 45-50 more pounds to go. Even I thought I needed to gain weight back then.)
  • President Ford: I don’t remember much from the days of his presidency other than that he was the first guy I was aware of as being president. (I was born during Nixon’s first year, but remember absolutely nothing of him, Watergate or the later years of Vietnam. I fully remember what cartoons were on then, but politics, not so much.) However, the one thing I’ve always thought about Ford was that he seemed like a stand-up, normal guy and that I thought he’d be quite likeable. I wish for some peace for his family. Now that the State funeral is over, how’s about we all leave them alone to grieve privately, shall we?

Ok. That’s what I’ve got. I know I’ve got a tag from Fred. As soon as I think of 5 things, I’ll get that posted. And then I’ll head off to find you all some nice linkety goodness with which to start the year.

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Welcome back! I was reflexively checking the blog all through the holidays, but you were busy being all catlike and pajama-clad, ya slacker! ;) Glad you enjoyed your time off. Now, back to entertaining me! :D


We went to the Biedermaier (liked it more than you did apparently), the Saul Leiter (excellent stuff), and the Gord Peteran “furnitural” exhibit (his term), which was totally wonderful (to both of us, anyway). It’s rare that art makes me laugh out loud (in a good way) but his “Electric Chair” did just that. But in addition to wit, there’s also considerable craftsmanship in his work, as well as that curious indefinable something-inexplainable that functions aesthetically like the hook to a catchy song, and causes you to keep on thinking about what’s going on…

Uh, back to my own blog now…

czeltic girl

Aww, man. How did we miss the Gord Peteran thing? I saw an image of his scrap wood table down in the kids’ playroom area on the first floor, but completely missed there was a whole exhibit of his stuff. Foo.

Captain Flummox

Fruit loops and gravy!

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