Mmm. Chili.

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007 | You Call This News?

Yay for Real Chili, our local Cincy/Green Bay-style chili emporium! They got themselves named as a top 5 pick by the folks at

I think that calls for a Marquette with cheese to celebrate. *drool* (Funny — I’ve been ordering my chili that way for close to 20 years now, never noticing I was getting any kind of discount. It was just easier than saying “medium, spaghetti, beans” every time.)

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Bartender Glenn

Thank you for my new favorite website.


Real Chili’s pretty good – but it’s not as good as Chili John’s in Green Bay. Oh – and unless they’ve started serving it recently, Real Chili doesn’t do Cincinnati-style chili – which has a lot of warm spices in it like cloves, etc. I would eat a lot more Real Chili, except I kinda don’t want to weigh 350 pounds… There might be other associated unpleasant aspects as well.

czeltic girl

Yeah. It’s not quite Cincy-style. It’s missing the cloves and a pinch more cinnamon than it’s got. It’s definitely Green Bay-style, but try explaining that to folks who don’t live in Wisconsin. Sure is tasty, though.

And Glenn — you’re very welcome. There’s an awful lot to dig through there, but it’s a very handy tool when you’re planning a trip somewhere.


Hmmm..Having lived in New Mexico for 55+ years and having eaten many types of Chili throughout the years in the southwest, I am reminded of the story of the individual who ordered a Manhatten at a bar which was not in the state of New York or in Manhatten.

The individual was told by another at the bar that the further you are away from Manhatten, the less the drink tastes like one.

Something maybe said in that light for the preparation and consumption of chili East of the Rocky Mountains and/or The Mississippi.


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