Where’s our work-alimony?

Thursday, February 8th, 2007 | Life in Czeltistan

Two of my favorite coworkers, Steelbuddha and Travis, have cruelly left HD and taken jobs at another design studio. SB left last Friday, Travis’ last day is tomorrow.

When we first moved into the new studio here, 3 years ago, SB and I sat next to each other and Travis and BB sat next to each other. Any time someone couldn’t find Travis, they’d ask BB where he was. Whenever someone couldn’t find SB, they’d ask me. It became a joke that BB & I were the “work-wives”. So last night at the pub, we had the following conversation:

Me: BB & I are sad we’re both getting work-divorces within a week of each other.
Travis: Yeah. Goodbye to the work-wives.
SB: Let’s go to the work-strip club!

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Captain Flummox

I got nothing bit grins and chuckles on that one. Sometimes you can get a 22-ounce steak for cheap at the strip club, I’ve been told. By a sign.

czeltic girl

Yes. I think I read that somewhere. ;)


If it makes you feel better, I assure you, the company that Travis and BB are going to ONLY steals the best of the best…

czeltic girl

That had better be “SB” not “BB”. Or I really am gonna have to get angry. ;)


Awww, I was one of your favorites :)

czeltic girl

Well, you’re not any more, now that you’ve left.



czeltic girl

Can I put any more winky emoticons in here? Sheesh.

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