Tiki overload

Tuesday, January 14th, 2003 | General

While perusing Boing Boing earlier, I came across a link concerning a tiki apartment building being built in Echo Park, CA. That reminded me that I was told “we have to go to at lease one tiki bar” while Jon and I are in San Francisco this April. I figured I should find out just what I was in for, so I started looking around for Tiki info online. My, but there’s a lot of it, including the following fine pages. First, there’s Club Velvet, which has some nice album cover pix (check out the “Separated at Birth?” section) and a few girlie-drink cocktail recipies. Then there’s Roadside Tiki for your signage and weird architecture needs. And of course, the Tiki Bar Review page, which is what I was looking for in the first place. (Uh, Jon, based on the guy’s reviews, I say we just check out the Tonga Room. Of course, it’s still your call.)

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