The storm that wasn’t

Sunday, February 25th, 2007 | You Call This News?

There were some very impressive big flakes early on and a bit of interesting thunder last night, but pretty much, our blizzard turned into 2″ of snow (very, very heavy snow to shovel, of course) and a bunch of rain.

I don’t know what it is about Milwaukee, but we seem to lead a charmed life, weather-wise. The counties around us get nailed a lot, but storms seem to miss us or be far, far weaker than expected here in Brew City.

I’m ok with that. Keep it up, Mother Nature.

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You lucky eastsiders. South of downtown we got plenty of wet, heavy snow. A good 5″ or so. Plus drifts that were deeper in places. I’m so very, very happy I have Scott to plow my driveway. :)

czeltic girl

Oh, we got 5″ or so on Friday night. But then damn near nothing on Saturday and Sunday. Well, no. I take that back. We got plenty of rain. Nothin’ quite like the fun of breaking through a thin ice crust and stepping into a big ol’ puddle.


I must say at least you have REAL WINTERS in that part of the country..Here we are, the end of February and the Weeping Willow Trees are starting to get their buds!!


okay, so 20 miles north of you we had a good 8-10 inches on Saturday and another 5 or so of dense, wet stuff on Sunday. It would have been lots more if it had been fluffy. Still, MIlwaukee weather stations seem to have forgotten that snow is usually more than an inch high and continue to report it as if it is some kind of terrorist attack by Mother Nature.


My one complaint is that my East Side street (a very busy downhill) becomes a horrible car wreck waiting to happen when people barrel down it during this weather.

czeltic girl

I hear that, Drezdn. Mine’s not much better. Everyone seems to think that since it’s one way, they can barrel down it at 80 zillion miles an hour. What they seem to forget is that there are stop signs every two blocks and that people actually might be pulling out of driveways along the street. Oh, and if your street is like mine, it’s not plowed very well, making it quite the sloppy obstacle course.


Yeah, my favorite part was that the local weather pre-empted CBS Sunday Morning… for what? 30 degrees and clear. 2 hours of NON-STORY. What the hell?


I was disappointed by the lack of blizzard, esp. since a friend cancelled fun plans w/ me on Sat night because he was afraid to be out during the supposedly oncoming onslaught of snow. (Hard to blame him, he’s from Puerto Rico via LA. Anyway I’m sick of the alarmist TV weather… please. The time to close schools, cancel events, etc. etc. is *after* a huge snow storm *actually* happens, not on the off-chance that 1/4″ of slushy heavy snow might fall (which is what happened in my neighbourhood).


Our neck of the woods got 14″. I would much rather have been in the lesser snowfall.

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