How do I love the Web? Let me count the ways

Tuesday, January 14th, 2003 | General

There are days when I just find all sorts of goodness while surfing around. Like this charming inflatable church, for example. (Yeah, it’s on a couple of sites I went to, but maybe some of you haven’t seen it.) I don’t know, give it an interior like this and even I might consider going to church.

Or there’s this fine list of What I Learned During My Twelve Months At Victoria’s Secret. I’m not sure that even after 12 months I could do number one on the list. (Swiped from Dynagirl, who I have sadly neglected to add to my blog list all these months. Sorry, Miriam!)

And then there’s this gem of a civic redevelopment idea, a giant lava lamp for Soap Lake, WA. Great, but if it’s like its smaller counterparts, if you run it constantly, eventually you’ll wind up with a giant lava blob sitting at the bottom of the lamp. Not exactly everyone’s favorite tourist attraction. (Link via Boing Boing.)

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