Thursday, March 8th, 2007 | You Call This News?

It’s really kind of weird when you go check out the local online daily and find out they’ve just done a “where are they now” on one of your ex-boyfriends.

He’s actually one of the main reasons I took a job at The Milwaukee Journal in the first place. He’d written a review of something that ticked me off so badly that I decided I would start working there and then take his job. And then I got there, worked in the newsroom for awhile and decided I didn’t want it after all. But we became friends and there was a group of us that hung out a lot and went to concerts together. (Replacements shows, anyone?) And then I left Mother Journal. And then we dated. And then we didn’t. And then he moved out of town. (I had nothing to do with that part.)

Man, was that really all so long ago? Yikes.

We’ve talked a few times since then, and I still see one or two of the people from the newsroom group (though mostly I see the ex of the other Anne from the group). Every now and then I think of shooting Thor an email to see how he’s doing. Guess this is a reminder I should do that. And I guess this article shouldn’t really be a big surprise, as it was written by someone else we worked with when we were both in the newsroom. (Andy — or I guess it’s Drew these days — I still blame you and the rest of the sports guys for this alcohol tolerance I have, you bad influences, you.)

So now I’ve just spent the last 20 minutes scrolling through memories of my years in the newsroom and hanging out with Thor. I’m sure my coworkers are wondering why I’m sitting in my cube, giggling to myself. Most of the things that are amusing me are location jokes (as in “you had to be there”), but some I could explain. Like how Thor kept an angry letter from Don Henley posted on his fridge at home and how he had a file of his favorite hate letters (including one that started, memorably, “Dear Anal Vapor”). Or how his desk was right at the windows along the hallway where the tour groups stopped, so he had all kinds of goofy things in the window to amuse them. Or silly things we used to do in the sports dept. to amuse ourselves when we had downtime (like sending obscene messages to the entire dept from unsuspecting coworkers who had left themselves logged on to their computers) (computers were new yet, you see. Very novel). And memories of concerts and parties and time spent at the pub across the street from the paper. And of spending a lot of time digging around in the paper’s library stacks between deadlines. And of really enjoying my time in the newsroom with the 200 other people who worked there, even when it seemed like there were far too many deadlines every day and when you never knew what shift you’d be working from one week to the next.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job now. But, boy, there sure are days I miss being in a newsroom.

So there’s me being wistful again. I should really stop that and get back to work. These files aren’t gonna archive themselves.

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!! WOW !! Newsroom, huh….Pat has told me about your work there..I find your work experiences and travels exotic!!

Looks like mine is just now starting in digital film making at New Mexico State Univeristy which is almost across the intersate from us..


Now there is a name I hadn’t heard in awhile. That was back in the days when I tried to keep track of all your boyfriends!! LOL More memorable for me were your days at MU!

Pete Prodoehl

We used to hate that guy! I swear he wrote reviews just to piss people off. I think I even remember his photo, he looked like he was about 18 with short blond hair, right?

captain flummox

If I knew that you were on staff at the Fourth Estate, I’d forgotten, so that was fascinating for me. Newspaper people are some of my favorite folk because they are smack in the middle of the human experience, such as it is, so they’re usually interesting, and often very funny — as you described. Interesting reading that article on the ex-bf since I was curious how he got hate mail from Henley. I can see how one might accuse his shows of predictability. Maybe predictability is a byproduct of perfectionism. Having been to a few Henley shows, I think he might fit that definition. Also,thanks for making me feel as old as I am. When ex-bf asks “where are the Pearl Jams and R.E.Ms?” I’m thinking “Where are the Steely Dans?”

Lastly, these are sad times for newspapers. You’re lucky you get some on ya before Al Gore invented the internet.


It must be something in the air, as I’ve been having major nostalgia today, too. Although, for me, there are no cool memories of a newsroom or anything like that. I’ve been touring old TV show websites. It’s scary, really, how dull and confined a life I’ve had.


it’s a little sterile and lacks character.

TC: So much of Dallas is like that.

I find that both funny and sadly true.


I think I once wrote a nasty letter to Thor Christensen. I don’t think it began “Dear Anal Vapor.” Damn. Coincidentally, yesterday I received an e-mail from an ex- of mine. Her mother died recently, and she’s moving back to town (from Orlando: a weird thing to read in winter) to be closer to the rest of her family.


“And the Devil said to Ed … Can you say AMEN brothers and sisters!??” And Eric leaping around after me–yuck! And my propositioning “Drew” then Andy which didn’t work out since I was dating his boss and it probably didn’t look like a real good idea to him. And much beer and other fun at the Harp. And that was just one night. Yep, thems were the days…

I forgot you dated Thor–but I remember Thor. I think he and Scott would chat from time to time if memory serves.

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