I think I may have to cave…

Monday, March 12th, 2007 | Life in Czeltistan

…and get a cell phone.

Anyone got any phones or providers they absolutely love or hate?

Weekend update coming shortly. Need more caffeine first. (And if anyone finds my voice, could you let me know? Thanks.)

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I like my Treo quite a bit (I have the 650, Tony has the 700wx.) I like being able to Google stuff on the go, as well as use GMaps, web browser, etc.

All the carriers are the same service-wise (just like the airlines: your experience can rock, or it can suck, and all are capable of either), so I’d go with what has the best coverage for where you happen to be — I go with Sprint because their unlimited-data plan is by far the cheapest.


What? You don’t trust me to be the keeper of all our new NYPD friends’ contact numbers? I’m shocked and saddened.


You might want to talk to Alper when you decide on a package and are ready to purchase. He’s got mad skilz in saving money on cell phones.

btw – I have Cingular and I don’t have any problems with it, which is the best recommendation I can give for any of these extortionists…

Pete Prodoehl

People always seem to have whoever their service provider is, but I have very few complains against Cingular. You may want to check some coverage maps though, nothing sucks more than having a phone that doesn’t work in your own neighborhood. (Oh, and I’m a big Nokia fan, as they keep their hardware pretty open – why pay for a ringtone when I can make my own?)


Just have my Virgin topup, not wanting to commit to another plan after my $1700 in 2 months when I was out of work. Pay as you go, it isn’t bad, and I have been doing it for three years now.


Hooking up to our family plan could work unless you are planning to be chatty.

Pete Prodoehl

I thought Mom’s were supposed to say “Why don’t you ever call me!?”

ouija repairman

Just another thing to consider. Google Levon Helm + Cingular


I loved my Treo 650 when I got it in November of 2005, but by last September it really dawned on me how long in the tooth the Palm OS is. Mine’s pretty pimped — I can get GoogleMaps, the internet, watch video (after converting the tv or movie – neither fast nor easy), get into a terminal window (ha! we were on irc#barcampmadison from the sushi restaurant), sort of get instant messenger to work, sort of get my e-mail, and sort of get it to talk to my Mac. I can’t sync up gCal (believe me, I’ve tried everything).

As pimpy as that may sound, in reality? it took TWO WHOLE DAYS of pretty intensive geekery to get it even *that* far. I’d never recommend a Treo in it’s current state to anyone who wants to do much beyond the Palm basics. It’s sure neat for taking a picture and sending it to Flickr, and is hella better than a Blackberry (those feel soooo cheap, plus clunky OS etc plus do they work with Macs?). Our Verizon contract is up in November and you *know* where I’m going.

Re: the service provider — they all SUCK, except US Cellular, except that they suck because they don’t have data phones and you can’t (as of last summer, at least – after their redesign) pay your bill online.



I like the German business ethic (T-mobile) coupled with the Finnish engineered phone (Nokia).


OOOOO never thought I would see the day. Hmph – will wonders never cease. Well – Stay far far away from Sprint. I do hear Verizon is acceptable all over the US though!

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