Right. So…the weekend.

Monday, March 12th, 2007 | Life in Czeltistan

There were parades. There were about 90 members of the NYPD. There was a hockey game. There was some pizza. And there was an endless parade of local bars.

There was very little sleep.

Christyl & I had offered to help out some friends by carrying a sponsor banner in the Shamrock Club’s St. Pat’s Parade. As of Wednesday, that was our only plan. Parade on Saturday, then a couple cocktails with friends afterward. The end.

And then at lunch on Thursday, I ran into a friend from the Shamrock Club who was with a couple of New York cops who were in town for the parade. (Thanks for bringin’ them to Milwaukee, Shamrock Club & Emerald Society. They’re welcome back any time.) The guys extended an invitation to come out and have drinks with them that evening, so I did. In theory, I was going for an hour or two. In practice, it was drinks at their shindig, then we all piled into my car and went back downtown for more drinks. It’s entirely possible we closed the bars. Plans were made for meeting up again at the hockey game on Friday.

Friday turned into the hockey game (a win. yay!), a trip back to the guys’ hotel for a party being thrown there, then back out to the Safe House. Christyl & I bailed after that. We had to, or there was no way we were going to be able to walk the parade route the next day. Apparently it’s bad form if the units randomly peel off for Gatorade stops. Plus, Christyl was nursing the mother of all sinus infections, so smokey bars probably weren’t the order of the day.

Saturday was parade day. We did our marching thing in the big parade downtown (which one of the other Milwaukee Flickristas caught on film), then headed out to the west side to catch the other parade and meet back up with the guys. Had some drinks with them and several other friends at Derry’s. After that, Christyl & I were down to one cop in tow (Tom) and we were all in a pizza mood, so we headed over to Pizza Man for dinner. (And thus the Milwaukee/NY Pizza Exchange Program was born. Tom, it’s your turn to pick the pie next time.)

Heading over to the pub after dinner, we ran into my brother. He had kind of a “Well, there are my sister and Christyl, and there’s a cop. Wonder if I should just keep driving” look about him. (Oh, ye of little faith.) At that point, Christyl had decided to take her sinus infection home, so we gave my brother her parking spot. He went off to his movie, and Tom & I continued on to Paddy’s for a beer. (You wanna get a guy some ego stroking, take him to an Irish bar in this town while he’s wearing NYPD dress blues. Love galore.) Met up with my friend Nate, had some cocktails, called it a night kind of early-ish. We were just too tired to stay out any more.

And then last night was a party for the guys, thrown by the Emerald Society, at Mo’s Irish Pub. I figured I’d show up around 6 and be home by 10-ish. Showed up closer to 7pm, got home some time in the wee hours. Apparently I will never learn. Told the guys that while I’m glad they’re here and it’s been a great weekend, I’m ever-so-glad they’re going home tonight. And no, I would not be joining them at the Old German Beer Hall this afternoon. Something about having to work. (And not actually wanting to be anywhere near a bar.)

So, in a nutshell, that was my last four days. It seemed like there were camera flashes going off every 30 seconds or so, but it turns out I didn’t really take that many photos. What I’ve got can be found here.

To all the Emerald Society, Shamrock Club and local law enforcement folks we hung out with and met this weekend, thanks for throwing an awesome party. And to the New Yorkers we spent time with — especially Brian, Ian, Matt, Tom & Erin, you guys are fabulous. Your secrets about the world’s shortest cab ride, what rank you all are, and bicycles you came across on your walk home are safe with Christyl & me. We’ll see you all in May.

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Yes, thanks to everyone who made this past weekend such fun (despite the killer sinus infection I had going on), especially to those people who enterained and amused us all weekend. :) It was a blast! We met some wonderful people who I hope will remain friends for years to come.


Gosh, you kids need to learn to pace yourselves. Of course, Sunday was my dying day. thanks for the kind words, and thanks for carrying a banner. And Chrystal, thanks for being a trooper and working through the sinus infection.

This was one of the longest weeks of my year, and I am used to Irish Fest week.

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