Nothing of interest today

Friday, March 16th, 2007 | Life in Czeltistan

Sorry, all. I’ve nothing with which to entertain you today.

Have a great St. Pat’s, if that’s your thing. Those of you in parades, have fun. Those of you just out drinking, have fun and remember that, at least here in Milwaukee, the buses are free. Use them to get your drunk selves home safely.

Enjoy your sunday hangovers and I’ll catch you Monday.

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With NMSU at the NCAA and St Patty’s Day approaching, the police are ALL OVER TOWN WITH CHECK POINTS AND SOBRIETY TESTING!!


We had a very quiet St. Pat’s. There was no cabbage and corned beef, no beer, no people proclaiming their percentage of Irish, and not even much green. There was really good tapas style dining, a killer cilantro/ginger dipping sauce, and really good wine.

Oh, and Boxer puppies!

czeltic girl

Puppies?? You win!

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