Time to check for ice rinks in hell

Saturday, March 24th, 2007 | Life in Czeltistan

I caved. I’ve got a cell phone.

I’m not guaranteeing it’ll always be turned on or that there won’t be an irritatingly long period of me playing “what’s this button do?”, but it’s a start.

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I sympathise. While I’ve had a cell phone for many years (much against my will) it is now the only phone I have. The land line was removed a couple of years ago when we got sick and tired of the local phone company’s shinnanigans and idiocy.

That still doesn’t mean it is always charged or that I will answer it. But I do keep the thing with me, because I got a case that also has a little wallet, and that’s where my driver’s license is.

Hey, it’s a system.


Let’s turn down the thermostat in hell a few more notches. Send me a text message with your new number.

czeltic girl

Oh. Ha. Yeah, that’s right. I put your number in my contacts on Saturday and then promptly forgot to give you mine. I blame The Dude. He distracted me.


Ah, it isn’t so bad. Give me the number so I can use up all your minutes….


Gr8! Now u cn txt msg all u want!


I know that you are a woman of class so I’m sure that I don’t have to remind you not to talk so loud on the phone while you are in a line with others that every word of your conversation can be heard.
I am becoming more and more tempted to enter into such conversations when I hear them.

czeltic girl

Grr. No way. I can’t stand those people.

Trust me, if I have to yell into the phone, the only thing I’ll be yelling is “I’ll call you back.”

ouija repairman

you’re one step away from twitter.com.

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