Now that was a good Tuesday

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007 | Life in Czeltistan

Yesterday turned out to be quite a lovely Tuesday, despite the 20-degree drop in temperature and the rain.

Got a bunch of stuff done at work (yay, me), managed to finally get my bio for my high school reunion book sent out, and learned some tricks for crankin’ out the text messages on my cellphone (thanks, Cappy).

Went down to Schwartz Books in Bay View after work to catch Max Barry, who was touring in support of the paperback release of his book, Company. (Must have done the hardcover release back home in Australia.) Got myself a nice seat down front. He didn’t do much reading from the book, as most of us in attendance had already read it, but he read a little from a book he’s working on now. (Unless his agent or editor are reading this, in which case he didn’t. Nope. No reading at all from anything you lot haven’t seen yet.) Got to chat with him a little after he spoke. Got myself big points by owning a hardcover version of his first book, Syrup. Turns out it wasn’t a very big seller, which I find hard to believe, since it’s absolutely brilliant. I told him that I worry every time I loan his books out that the person I give them to fall in love with the books and not want to give them back. So he did his part to help ensure my library stays intact:

Thanks, Max. You rock.

Since I was already down in Bay View, after the reading, I headed over to the Target (emergency cat litter run. It was either get cat litter or don’t go home, and I really wanted to go home). I just wanted to buzz in quickly and get out, but I was stopped in my tracks and overcome with joy when I saw we finally got Boots cosmetics at Targets here. Been waiting on that for ages! Finally — the truly pale and nearly-blue among us can find cosmetics without having to fly to Ireland or the UK! Fantastic news. Now that both Smithwicks and Boots are here in the US, I have all that extra room in my suitcases to bring home other things from my overseas trips. If only we can get a Lush here in Milwaukee, I’ll be all set. (Yes, I know they’re in Chicago, but that’s waaay over there, you see, and I’m lazy. Plus sales tax in Chicago is teh suck.)

So, yeah. Not too bad of a day for a Tuesday. I don’t think today will quite measure up. It’s already off to a bad start, as I had to get up an hour early for an all-studio meeting (that it turns out I didn’t actually have to attend for more than 3 minutes), and it’s raining and cold. But we’ll see what happens.

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I was at the Barry reading too. The new book sounds like it’s going to be great.

czeltic girl

Ack. Wish I’d known you were there. Coulda said hi.


Target? For pet supplies? Hmph…

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