Passover Coke

Wednesday, April 4th, 2007 | You Call This News?

Since a number have people have asked me about it in the last few weeks, this is just a reminder to pick up your Passover Coke now. Remember — you’re looking for the yellow cap and the U-P symbols.

I was having trouble finding it locally over the weekend, but Mom reports she found it at the Sendik’s in Mequon (I couldn’t find it at their Whitefish Bay location). I’ll call around later today and see if I can find any other local suppliers.

Update: Passover Coke can also be found at the Pick n’ Save on Port Washington Rd. in Glendale. Both locations carry 2 litres and the harder-to-find cans. Please note: Caps on these bottles are white, not yellow, and you won’t find the U-P markings. But the label says “sucrose” not “high fructose corn syrup,” and I was assured this was the Coke the manufacturer told them was kosher for Passover.

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The Coke I found was in 2 litre bottles. There is not yellow cap nor any Hebrew looking symbols onthe cap, but the label says “sucrose”. It was in an end cap section and marked “passover coke” by Sendiks.

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