Well, at least it’s an interesting week

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007 | Again with the hockey, You Call This News?

Ah, early April. Spring, right? You’d think so, but no. It’s currently snowing. A lot. Like “up to 10 or 12 inches by tomorrow” a lot. Poor little daffodils. They were all happy to see the warm weather and now they’ll be lucky to see the top of the snow (if they live that long).

I blame Cleveland, personally. Their stadium’s snowed in, so the Indians are in town to play some games at Miller Park. (Get your commemorative t-shirt here.) Looks like they brought the snow with them. Ha ha, guys. Very funny. Don’t forget to take it back home with you when you go.

The weather’s perfect for hockey, though. It’s the end of the AHL regular season and the beginning of the NHL playoff season, so there’s no shortage of games this week. Looks to be a good post-season this year — the Admirals, Red Wings and Predators are all still playing. I could not be happier. (Much as I love my Wings, I think I’m going to have to throw a tiny bit more support behind the Preds. The roster reads like last year’s Admirals’ line-up. Home team boys make good, and all that.)

And speaking of hockey, I found out at last night’s game that hockey-buddy Ian has made it past his final immigration hurdle and is now just awaiting info on what day he’ll be attending his naturalization ceremony. Hooray! (Naturally, he’s already an honorary citizen of Czeltistan. We’re more than ok with dual-citizenship. In fact, it’s kind of required.) So congrats, Ian. Thanks for choosing to add one more sane person to the country. We can use the help.

In slightly sadder news this week, my friend Devi was diagnosed with MS. She’s being amazingly positive about it all, which is kind of inspiring in it’s own right, and even moreso when you find out she’s one of the many Americans without health insurance. Talk about adding insult to injury. This is the part of the story where I should insert a massive screed about the stupidity of this nation not providing health benefits for its citizens, but frankly, it’s too depressing for me to even think about right now. Maybe another time.

Lest I leave you all on such a downer, there are some other good things to be happy about this week. For one, there’s that Friday night Deerlick show I mentioned a few posts earlier. I’m really looking forward to that. (Note to self: Get fresh batteries for the camera.) And Saturday we’ll be having my grandmother’s 90th birthday party. 90! Way to go, Grandma! Then after that, Enter the Haggis is playing at Points East Saturday night. They played at my stage during Irish Fest last year. Unfortunately, since IF moved the merchandise area around to the back side of the stage, I no longer get to see and hear the bands. It’ll be nice to finally get to see an entire set of the band’s. I’m looking forward to seeing them all again. I promise that this time, I’ll try my best not to unknowingly slip into a Toronto accent while talking to them. Kept having to stop myself from doing that at the Fest. I never mean to do that with accents, and it’s never done to poke fun. I’m just kind of a mimic when it comes to accents different from mine. Must be a coping mechanism I have to help me blend in with people I’m talking to. Just don’t ask me to accurately reproduce the accents later, when I’m away from the people speaking them. :)

Ok. I’ve meandered and rambled on long enough. I’m done now. Stop on out to check out one of the bands if you’re looking for something to do Friday or Saturday. Make sure you say hi if you do. I should be pretty easy to find in the crowd.

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I speak Canadian. Ahem:
“Nice gooooal, eh?”


Sorry to sound like someone who doesn’t know much about Wisconsin or the upper Mid-West but what is a Deerlick? Having asked this question, if you wish to laugh please do so


On the more serious side about your friend, you are so correct about health care in this country!!

czeltic girl

The Deerlick is The Mighty Deerlick and they’re my friends’ band. Technically, I think that once your band’s been around as long as theirs has, you get to start calling yourself a “cultural institution.” Though maybe that doesn’t apply if no one outside of Milwaukee or LaCrosse knows about you after 20 years. :)

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