Welcome home, Wizard of Waukesha

Thursday, May 10th, 2007 | Tunes!, You Call This News?

Les Paul is back in town this weekend. He visited the Downer Theatre yesterday for the premier of his biography (which will air on PBS on July 11). He’s doing a benefit concert tonight out on the west side for the Les Paul Experience at the Waukesha Co. Historical Society. $300 a ticket, and it’s long-since sold out. That’s no small feat in this town.

Wish I could have gotten in on some of the Les Paul fun while he was in town, but it just wasn’t meant to be. Still, it’s fantastic that he gets such an awesome “welcome home” when he comes to visit. Wish he’d come back more often.

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Les Paul and Mary Ford were icons around here. I have a lot of their early stuff. I can still recall the shock wave that was touched off when they divorced.
When he developed the solid body guitar that still bears his name, most parents condemned it. “Too loud!”, was the war cry.


Will you be in town on a Monday? He plays in Manhattan every week…

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