Revenge with checks

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007 | Life in Czeltistan

I was telling some coworkers a few weeks ago about how I had filled out my check register before I wrote out the latest check to Time Warner. In the register, I list them as “cable bastards” and I almost accidentally wrote out my check to them to the same name. I also said that one of the reasons I hadn’t switched over to online payments for my electric bill was because, since they switched the name over to “WE Energies,” I was enjoying writing “Weenergies” (or, a couple of times, “Weinergies”) on the checks. (Hey, if you pick a stupid name, don’t be shocked if people mess with it.)

So today, one of the coworkers in on that discussion sent me this: Never piss off an engineer.

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Bartender Glenn

Ha. That is a good one. I can almost make out the amount the check is supposed to be for.


My engineer brother-in-law will be getting a copy of this one shortly…

captain flummox

you fill out your check register? I go with the duplicates. They’re easier to lose.




WE Energies is a name that says they’re not hot dogs, but they’re busting their buns for you, and they relish the chance to do it. I’ll stop to let you catch up. (Damn. I couldn’t work in “Secret Stadium Sauce”. Damn.)

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