It’s not one less Scotsman…

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007 | Life in Czeltistan

.’s one more American.

I took Wednesday morning off work to go down to the federal courthouse building to watch my friend Ian take his citizenship oath. He and 68 other people became Americans there today.

There was a good deal of sitting around and waiting for the judge to appear (this was a government affair, remember), then a brief, but nice and somewhat impassioned, speech by the judge, a short reciting of the oath, and then the handing out of naturalization papers. There was no shortage of smiles among the new citizens or their friends and families. And for the record, we’re pretty sure the Ian supporters took up half of the gallery. We were legion.

It was hard to get photos in courtroom, as we were at the back of the room, all of the good stuff was happening up front and I had neither a tripod nor a strong flash, but I got a couple of shots. You can find them here.

So welcome to American citizenship, Ian. We’re happy to have you aboard. Enjoy your freedom to leave the country and still be reasonably assured you can get back in.

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What wonderful friends you are to Ian!!
I am truly impressed..



Nice one; congratulations to Ian and all the other 68.


Er, I just hope the other 68 weren’t all Scottish as well… :-)

czeltic girl

Heh. No. We have a “One Celt per ceremony” policy, or something like that. :) It was actually a very diverse group. Most of the continents were represented. (No Aussies, though, I don’t think, and no penguins. But otherwise, I think we got them all.)

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