Make that really slow out of the gate

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007 | Life in Czeltistan

Now that I’ve managed to get mostly settled back in at work, unpacked (for the most part), gotten the kitties back from their grandma’s and procured myself some groceries, I can tend to the blog a little. (And you just thought I was ignoring you.)

New York was great, as usual. Many apologies to everyone we didn’t get to catch up with on this trip. Every year it gets harder and harder to fit everyone in in just a couple days. (Next time, we rent the Javits Center and hold a convention. It’s just easier.) Thanks to everyone who rearranged their schedules to accommodate us. Extra big moose kisses to those who went above and beyond in that regard: Tony, Sam and Brian, thanks for putting us up, shuffling us around and filling us full of food and beverage.

Details on what we did will be forthcoming. I’m sleepy and not so much in a writing frame of mind. But photos from the first two days of the trip are posted. The rest will likely go up Thursday night.

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That’s ok. I’m not really offended you didn’t stop by. Oh, and after seeing the pics, you didn’t actually sit on the ground in NYC, did you? GO SHOWER NOW.

czeltic girl

I assume you’re referring to the photo of Christyl along Central Park West. That’s not actually the ground. It’s just a really low bench. All the same, we went through a lot of Purell on this trip.


The pleasure was ours, believe you me.

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