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Monday, June 4th, 2007 | You Call This News?

Coming home up the lakefront tonight, I passed what seemed like every emergency vehicle in the city. Turns out a Cessna Citation went down in the lake shortly after takeoff from our airport. Two crew members and four physicians from a donor organ procurement team were on board. That was around 4pm. It’s now 9pm. The planes and helicopters are still flying over my house and the lakefront is still crawling with search and rescue people. As yet, though, they haven’t found the plane or anyone on board. There’s a slim chance they could have survived this, but it’s not looking good. Even sadder: the team was in town to pick up a donor lung for a recipient waiting back in Michigan.

Depressing all around.

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This is really sad..Can you recommend a local website in your area I can access for further news on this tragic accident?


There were 6 people on board, including the medical team. The aircraft hit the water at about 160 mph. Even if they could have survived the impact, the water temp was 55 degrees. Due to the jagged lake bottom, they had to call off the search until daylight to reduce danger to the divers. A passing motorist actually saw the crash.
Why do we always lose the best and the brightest?


I misspoke regarding the airspeed. I should have said 180 – 190 mph.

czeltic girl

And you left out the part about the passing motorist having no teeth.

Ivan — you can find more news at the Journal Sentinel’s website. The Detroit Free Press also has some articles, including more information on the people aboard the plane.


Lost his teeth on the wheel because he was watchin’ the lake…

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